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Brand Consulting

4 Branding Checklists for Consultants

Here are 4 of the best branding checklists we’ve found from around the web for you. One of my favorites is the Naming Guide from Igor, a branding and naming consultancy. Strategic Branding Checklist Branding Guidelines Checklist Brand Builder’s Checklist Igor Naming Guide If you have other advertising checklists, copywriting checklists, or marketing checklists you’d …

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Naming Tips for Branding Consulting Services

You don’t need to be a trained brand consultant to have your stuff together when it comes to putting out a cohesive and uniform business message to the world around you. Many of the readers of this blog have asked questions related to branding and marketing their consulting services. Today I thought I’d start small …

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Advertising for Consultants: Giving Your Message Meaning

It doesn’t matter if you specialize in marketing, SEO consulting, or IT, you should only advertise with purpose and a strategic plan. Generally, one-dimensional advertising is ineffective and lacks foresight by the cost-conscious consultant. One-dimensional advertising is like one roll at the crap table. Basically the advertiser is throwing a message out and hoping is takes …

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Make Your Firm Stand Out

You look at a Mercedes Emblem and you know what you are looking at and what to expect. The same can be said for the distinctive “B” utilized by the Boston Red Sox, or the Golden Arches of MacDonald’s. These symbols are more than logos. They are well conceived visual impressions that make a unique …

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