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Design & Branding

How to Design Business Collateral for Consultants

As a business consultant, perception is an important part of developing a client base. Even in the internet age, printed business materials – business cards, brochures, fliers, etc. – play a big role in how people view you. They can make your company come across as a well-established expert or an untrustworthy amateur – and …

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4 Branding Checklists for Consultants

Here are 4 of the best branding checklists we’ve found from around the web for you. One of my favorites is the Naming Guide from Igor, a branding and naming consultancy. Strategic Branding Checklist Branding Guidelines Checklist Brand Builder’s Checklist Igor Naming Guide If you have other advertising checklists, copywriting checklists, or marketing checklists you’d …

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Naming Tips for Branding Consulting Services

You don’t need to be a trained brand consultant to have your stuff together when it comes to putting out a cohesive and uniform business message to the world around you. Many of the readers of this blog have asked questions related to branding and marketing their consulting services. Today I thought I’d start small …

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