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Guest Articles

One-to-One Marketing for Consultants – The Message

Another entry in a series of articles on one-to-one marketing. If you missed the previous entries, here they are: The List The Offer Once you have your list and offer in place, it’s time to think about your message. When introducing yourself to prospective clients, you want to open by describing the problem your audience …

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How to Design Business Collateral for Consultants

As a business consultant, perception is an important part of developing a client base. Even in the internet age, printed business materials – business cards, brochures, fliers, etc. – play a big role in how people view you. They can make your company come across as a well-established expert or an untrustworthy amateur – and …

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Effective Leadership Skills for Independent Business Consultants

Effective leadership skills are vital to the success of independent consultants due to the nature of their role within an organization. Consultants are outsiders to the organization and they almost always create change within an organization. Most people inherently resist change, particularly when it is initiated from the outside, due to fear, uncertainty, territorialism, or …

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