Marketing a Consulting Business

Start a Consulting Business: A Proven and Practical Guide

If you’ve looked into how to start a consulting business, there’s no doubt you’ve come across countless articles or videos that make it look like a no-brainer to “get rich quick.” “Make six figures your first month!” “You don’t need any experience to be successful” There’s a lot of misinformation out there. In today’s digital age, it’s relatively easy for anyone to write an article or record a video on starting your own consulting business. …


6 Tips to Create the Ultimate Consulting Landing Page

Your consulting website and landing pages shouldn’t just look good. They should be marketing assets. Research has revealed that 92%+ of website visitors will never come back to your site again. Which means that it’s more critical than ever that your website converts. In this infographic I’ve laid out 6 tips to creating the ultimate landing page for consultants. Embed this infographic: Copy the code in the box below and paste it into your own … READ MORE

Small Consulting Projects and Clients: Are They Really Worthwhile?

Video Blog Summary: The question today is should you ever take on a small project? Does it make sense? Is it worthwhile? Is it a good strategy? Well, let’s explore this together. In the vast majority of cases, I would suggest against taking on smaller projects. Why? Because when you work on larger projects you have the ability to create greater value for your clients. Create Greater Value And as you’re creating greater value and working …


Improving Your Consulting Brand: No More Excuses!

It really amazes me. In fact I’m actually quite surprised. Once you have a good logo it can be the base for your visual identity. At the amount of consulting “professionals” I deal with and come across that don’t have a nice looking and professional logo or visual identity to represent their brand. It’s not that they don’t run a successful business or aren’t good at what they do. In fact it’s most often the …


9 Ways to Get More Consulting Clients: How to Sell Consulting Services

So you want to get more consulting clients? Okay, let’s explore that together. Before we do, it’s important that we get clear on WHO your ideal consulting clients are. Because if you don’t know WHO they are, how can you market effectively to them? In just a moment I’m going to show you how to get more consulting clients. Here’s what you’re going to learn in this article: How to Discover Your Ideal Client Creating …


How to Build Rapport and Make More Consulting Sales

Have you ever felt uncomfortable asking for the sale? You were speaking with a buyer, your ideal client, and for some reason it slipped out of your hands like a wet bar of soap. You thought the sale was coming and then it was gone. Your first focus should be on building rapport with your buyer. People don’t buy from people they don’t like. So job one is to establish a foundation for the relationship. …


3 Reasons to Push Past Your Fear and Become an Authority

It comes down to confidence. I was speaking with a new client in the advertising industry. He wants to grow his business and attract more clients. Focus on finding and getting in front of the decision maker. They are the ones that can hire you. That can write you the check. One recommendation I offered is that he should start speaking at conferences and events in his industry. He agreed the idea would help him …


10 Proven Marketing Tactics for Consultants and Coaches

“What type of marketing works best?” It’s a question I’m asked over and over again. Each year we run our Marketing for Consultants survey which provides insight into this question. I recently decided to ask some friends (who are consultants, coaches, and solo professionals) what type of marketing is working best for them. Especially what I wanted to explore was ‘what type of marketing is generating the highest quality leads and opportunities?’ And ‘WHY they …