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Marketing a Consulting Business

Consulting Certifications Don’t Matter?

I received an email from a consultant the other day asking me what type of certification they should get to help them become a more successful consultant. I replied, “you don’t need any certification to be successful in this business.” Then just yesterday I spoke with another consultant in Australia that told me he was …

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4 Steps to Get More Consulting Clients

Getting more clients doesn’t have to be hard. It takes persistence and some work, but if you’re serious about growing your business that shouldn’t be a problem. You must be able to get their attention and then get them interested and engaged so you can have a conversation with them. Here’s what you need to …

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Asking for Referrals: How It’s Really Done

Most consultants misunderstand the referral process. You see, there are two kinds of referrals: a) The ones you initiate; b) The ones that come to you. The vast majority of people think about referrals as the ones that come to you. That’s fine if you’re business is well-established, you have a pipeline full of business …

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100 Tips on How to Start a Consulting Business

There are all kinds of consultants in my coaching program where we focus on getting more clients and increasing your income. Some consultants are already earning $10K, $40K, even $80K a month. Other consultants are just getting started. They’ve been managers and executives in the corporate world and are new ready to transition to become …

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