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Marketing Consulting

Chasing a Lost Dragon

The Chasing Dragon Cafe opened up several months ago. Their story is one you need to learn as a consultant and marketer of your own services. The cafe is on a very visible street corner. Tens of thousands of cars and likely hundreds of thousands of people see the cafe each day. It pays to …

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5 Steps to Find Your Ideal Clients

When I ask my clients or coaching students “who is your ideal consulting client?” very few know how to respond. I’ll usually here something like “small business owners” or “CEOs”. So start by figuring out the type of work you want to do. Once you’ve done that you can move on to the next step. …

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The Best Marketing Tactic for Consultants

  Click here to ReTweet: The Best Marketing Tactic for Consultants The right marketing strategy and approach can literally have your phone ringing off the hook. Your inbox flooded with inquiries from prospective clients hungry to pay you to help them. Consultants face a constant challenge of bringing in new leads to their business. And that’s …

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One-to-One Marketing for Consultants – The Message

Another entry in a series of articles on one-to-one marketing. If you missed the previous entries, here they are: The List The Offer Once you have your list and offer in place, it’s time to think about your message. When introducing yourself to prospective clients, you want to open by describing the problem your audience …

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