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Productivity Tips

4 Steps to Achieve Success in Business and Life

Why do some people attain great health, happiness and success while others struggle to? Charles Haanel in the The Master Key System wisely points out that this difference isn’t the result of the physical. Another decision successful people make is to go for growth. They aren’t satisfied staying where they are. They want to constantly …

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21 Productivity Tips for Consultants

Do you want to become more productive? Who doesn’t, right? The idea of getting more done in less time is what so many of us strive for. In fact, there’s a huge industry and thousands of books written on how to become more productive. There is a problem with all of this however… The problem …

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Mountain Madness and Tasting Success

As we arrived at the base of the mountain we knew something was different. Instead of bursting up a hill and taking a break, I’d take no breaks, climb slower and make it to the top. We were about to start our climb to 3,700 feet. A straight climb up 2.9 km (1.8 miles). Looking …

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How to Get Better At Saying “No”

Your kindness and generosity can be a great threat to your business. As your business becomes more successful, as your career rises to new heights, you start getting a LOT of requests from people… The better you get at saying “No” the more productive you’ll be and the faster you’ll reach your goals. …friends, colleagues, …

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Drop the “Summer” Excuse

“The summer time must be slow in your business” is a common phrase. Yet it’s one that does a great deal of harm to consultants. Not because business is slow, but because people are led to believe that there is no point to market their services during this time of year… For the vast majority …

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The Real Secret to Business Success

Every once in a while we get an email from someone saying something along the lines of, “I just read your material and there’s nothing new here. I already know all of this…” The fact that the person has usually sent that email 20 minutes after they received the material says a lot about how …

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