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Public Relations Consulting

What do PR Consultants Do?

PR Consulting is one of those careers everyone seems to have heard of, but very people know what they actually do. The role of a pr consultant can vary, and can include writing, for example press releases, public speaking, organizing events and more. Public relations consultants handle the public image of a company, whatever that …

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Interpreting a Public Relations Brief

When you start working as a pr consultant, whether as a freelance public relations consultant, or in an employee capacity, for one or for many clients, you will receive a brief from each client, for each project. Being able to identify the various parts of a pr brief can help you identify any potential problems, …

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Become a Public Relations Consultant

What is the first picture that comes to mind when you think of a public relations consultant? Is it the stammering spokesperson releasing a back-pedaling statement after the indiscretions of an elected official become public? Or perhaps it’s the “hired guns” engaged by a politician proclaiming that the newly-introduced tax-raising, job-killing bill will save our …

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Should Consultants Attend Trade Shows?

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz about connecting with people at trade shows and conferences. Industry trade shows provide many opportunities for business consultants to strut their stuff. Attending an industry trade show is a budgeting necessity for any consultancies planning for growth. These trade shows or conventions are filled with prospects. Consultants can make …

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Book Promotion for Consultants

Whichever means of publishing you have selected, the completion of a book will substantially boost your consulting marketing power. Every instance of book promotion increases your consultancy’s image, brand and value. When promoting your book, always focus on promotion. If done successfully, the leads for your consulting practice will follow naturally. As your manuscript nears …

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Business Promotion: Article Writing Strategies

Publishing your consulting articles is an important part of getting your name out to the business and marketing world. Becoming acknowledged as a readable, authoritative source is a gold mine. Consultants who get their articles in the right places get contacts, fans, and clients from their writing work. The return on your publishing efforts will …

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