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Running a Consulting Business

When a Buyer Asks “What Is Your Fee?”

Consultants have a belief that they ALWAYS the answer they believe the buyer wants to hear. When a buyer asks “What is your fee?” early on in a conversation the consultant feels compelled to give a response. If you respond right away and say “$7500” you’re playing the buyer’s game and you’ve lost control. There …

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The 8% Secret to Getting More Clients

Each morning my alarm goes off at 6am. By 6:30 I’m jumping up and down and moving side to side at my strength and fitness class. After being in Europe for two weeks on vacation with my family I noticed a change at my class when I returned. There were far fewer people than before. …

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How I Made Over $596,539 in 12 Months

In 2014 one of my businesses generated over $596,536. The actual amount is significantly higher as this figure doesn’t include speaking fees and other client payments received by bank transfer. What’s important to remember is that a higher priced offer must provide exceptional value. If it doesn’t, the success of it won’t last long. This …

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