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Business Consulting

Stop Giving Advice Away for Free

Have you ever noticed that when you give someone advice for free they don’t take action on it? When someone pays you for that same advice they are much more likely to use what you’ve shared with them and benefit from it. Those kinds of people do exist. They just want to get what they …

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Are You Failing Enough?

On a call with one of my coaching students the other day I realized that one of the greatest obstacles you’ll come up against is the person you see in the mirror. That’s right, YOU! Have you ever felt the fear to pick up the phone and call a prospective client? Or how about waiting …

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Get Paid More

Here’s a thought… You get paid for the value you produce and deliver to the market. Companies need to constantly improve their products because buyers are always looking for more value. Have you looked at yourself as a product? You should. Whether you’re actually selling a product or providing a service, YOU are a product. …

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How to Be a Great Resource to Your Clients

As you build your consulting practice you’ll constantly be looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. A powerful approach that can help you is to become a resource to your clients. To become a resource you’ll need to expand your circle of influence, education and investment in the market you want to be …

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