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Business Consulting

Why Consulting Tools Are Your Key to Success

Last week we shared a couple of articles from expert consultant Aarni Heiskanen. If you haven’t yet read Aarni’s posts, make sure you do so here: From Scenarios to Vision – A Case Study and Creating New Consulting Tools. The topic Aarni wrote about, creating and using consulting tools and systems, isn’t always an easy one …

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Creating New Consulting Tools

Every consulting assignment is a learning and development opportunity. One good way to pass on that learning to future clients is to turn your experience into consulting tools. Consulting tools are methods, processes, templates, or software that you can use repeatedly, but with sensibility, to the client’s specific needs. Clients expect a consultant to be …

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From Scenarios to Vision – A Case Study

A fairly large engineering company contacted me some years ago. I only knew the company by name, but they obviously knew me a bit better. One member of their management team had heard me speak at a seminar about creating services that stand out.  He called me afterwards and proposed a meeting with their management …

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Consulting Fees: Do You Charge What You Should?

In my previous article, “Are You Really A Consultant?” I proposed that a consultant is someone who gets paid for providing advice. I assume that if one is getting paid, one is a professional; in other words, seeking to make a livelihood from one’s activities. Many consultants start out working from home. They do so …

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Top 4 Business Plan Mistakes

In our work with many business owners and startups we often see the same repeat mistakes. Here are 4 of the biggest ones: 1. Unrealistic Financial Projections. One of the biggest mistakes made in business plans are unrealistic financial projections. The assumption that a start-up business will immediately be profitable is often a naive mistake …

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