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Business Consulting

The 5-Step Sales Process for Closing Consultant Sales

There are tons of tips, tricks and magic scripts on closing more sales. Just say those words and use those pat answers to objections and almost every prospective client interaction becomes a consulting contract, right? Selling is science not sorcery. Here is a basic 5-step sales process that will greatly increase your odds on closing …

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10 Tips on Outsourcing for Consultants

Entrepreneurship is a part of human nature and has been more thoroughly explored in recent years via the Internet. People naturally want to make money for themselves instead of some big faceless corporation. On the other hand, entrepreneurship does require a certain amount of work. Freelancers do make things easier for you, on the other …

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Getting Real About Your Work-Life Balance

The fear of uncertainty is the dominant response to pressures of our society. 5-hour energy drinks are the drug of choice for stress induced comatose. The term “work-life balance” emerged to explain away the personal chaos experienced by the working populace. The utility for the definition of work-life is dependent upon individual viewpoint. With the …

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