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Business Consulting

The Consultant’s Guarantee That Makes You Sick

When I first started writing about the importance of consultants offering guarantees to their clients the market was wide open. Hardly anyone was doing it. Things have certainly changed. These days it seems as if every business and commercial is offering a guarantee. How does that impact you and your business? When there is too …

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Entrepreneurs MUST Plan For a Successful Exit

Every entrepreneur must think about an exit strategy from the very beginning of starting the business. You’ve heard people talk about the business plan as the roadmap for business – well, like any roadmap it is important to know when and where to exit. Every entrepreneur is required to put in money, blood, sweat and, …

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Shoestring Marketing With a Story

Advertising and marketing is expensive; even internet advertising, which can run into hundreds or thousands of dollars every month depending on your budget. Expense wise it can be you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Maybe money is tight and you can’t afford to market, but if you don’t, you won’t have …

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3.5 Tips to Drive Project Success

Have you ever been on a project which slowly drifted out of control? You knew the clients were unhappy, you kept working harder and delivering more, but despite your best efforts the project ended in a grinding, wrenching train wreck? Most of us have been there, and it’s never fun!  There are lots of reasons …

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Why Wasting Time Generates Huge Rewards

I remember years ago when I first started in the sales profession, one of my mentors took me aside and gave me some words of wisdom. He told me to always remember that in the sales world, there is no commodity more valuable than time. Every minute of every day is essential to a sales …

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