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Business Consulting

Why Consultants Need Mentors Too

When I first started consulting I thought I knew it all. Okay, maybe not everything, but enough that I didn’t believe I needed someone else’s expertise to help my consulting business grow. I was reading books on marketing, strategy, consulting, sales etc more often than a steroid stocked jock goes to the gym. I felt …

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8 Speaking Tips for Consultants

Not too long ago I got a call from one of the country’s largest banks. They asked if I’d give a marketing presentation to some of their business customers. A few weeks later I gave a talk to 30 business owners and about 15 of the banks staff. The presentation was one I hadn’t given …

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Veterinary Marketing and Management

Name: Maryle Malloy Company Name: The Tellus Group, Inc. dba DVM Marketplace Location: Palm Desert, CA, USA What kind of consulting do you specialize in? Veterinary Marketing and Management How many years have you been consulting for? Five years What do you enjoy most about consulting? Delving into the problems and issues within a business …

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One Project, Many Clients – How to Succeed

It is challenging enough to serve one client at a time. How can a consultant serve a group of clients in the same project and be successful? Forming a multi-client group There are two routes to handling group projects: either the consultant or the client takes the initiative. Most of my group projects fall into …

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