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Consulting Clients

22 Meetings in 5 Days

I’m sitting at the airport lounge getting ready to board my flight to Toronto. And I’m gearing up for a hectic week. Over the next 5 days I have 22 client and prospective client meetings scheduled. There’s one thing I noticed and here is the lesson I want to share with you today… That as …

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Get More Consulting Clients Using Partnerships: Interview with Aarni Heiskanen

Raw Transcript of Interview MICHAEL: Welcome everyone to the Consulting Success® Consulting Interviews. Today we have with us Aarni Heiskanen, a management consultant and internet entrepreneur that works with government and top companies in Europe. Aarni, every time we talk I hear more exciting news about your business. So tell us more about your specialization …

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Are You Really a Consultant?

When I used an example of a hairdressing product representative giving expert advice in a previous article on this site, one reader commented ‘are we all consultants now?’ The term ‘consultant’ is very loosely defined and its meaning has become open for interpretation. The general definition of the word is “one who gives professional or …

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