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Working with Consultants

5 Steps to Find Your Ideal Clients

When I ask my clients or coaching students “who is your ideal consulting client?” very few know how to respond. I’ll usually here something like “small business owners” or “CEOs”. So start by figuring out the type of work you want to do. Once you’ve done that you can move on to the next step. …

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Consulting Proposal & Agreement Guide: Updated

In addition to the Consulting Proposal templates provided in the Consulting Proposal and Agreement Guide, many people asked if I could also include a more standard Consulting Agreement. You know I value your feedback. So I gave this some thought and decided to include a template for a Traditional Consulting Agreement. This is a 3 …

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Why Consulting Tools Are Your Key to Success

Last week we shared a couple of articles from expert consultant Aarni Heiskanen. If you haven’t yet read Aarni’s posts, make sure you do so here: From Scenarios to Vision – A Case Study and Creating New Consulting Tools. The topic Aarni wrote about, creating and using consulting tools and systems, isn’t always an easy one …

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