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Working with Consultants

How Consultants Get Paid?

When you make the decision to hire a consultant, and while recruiting a consultant, you may encounter a variety of payment options, favored by the various consulting service providers. Here are a few of the common options, and the pros and cons: 1. Lump Sum When hiring a consultant based on a lump sum, or …

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How to Find the Right Consultant

Jim Crocker CEO of Boardroom Metrics, a management consulting firm, talks about what you should do in order to find the right consultant. Here are the 6 main points from the video: Talk to people. Get references and recommendations from people you can trust. Set up interviews with all the prospective consultants. Have a crystal …

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Why Work with a Consultant?

There are a host of reasons why companies and decision makers within organizations choose to work with consultants. Commonly, a lack of key skills, or a highly specialized skill set requirement would prompt a company to hire a consultant. Other reasons may include a requirement to streamline a specific business process or the desire for …

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