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SEO Consulting

5 Reasons Consultants Should Blog

Most consultants know they should have a website. But I get asked all the time by those new to consulting whether or not they should have a blog. My answer is yes, but with a couple of caveats. If you’re going to start a blog make sure you have something to say. And be sure …

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Why Consultants & Freelancers Need Links

No, we’re not talking about jewelery links here folks, although some may argue that consultants and freelancers indeed do need those too. Today we’re talking about links on the internet, to and from websites; you know the things we all click on hundreds of times a day! You need to know about links If you …

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Blogger & Consultant Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett is a professional blogger, online marketing consultant, writer, and speaker. He co-authored ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income and is the creator of Authority Blogger, a course on blogging for business and professionals. Chris travels extensively, was born in Calgary Canada, and now lives in the UK with his …

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Online Marketing Lessons

Last night I was doing a small round of web research, specifically looking for businesses or consultants that offer SEO services. I came across the website I thought this particular website had some valuable online marketing lessons that I could share with you. As you read this post ask yourself if you’re doing any …

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What is Website Analytics Consulting?

A website analytics consultant helps companies better understand the data of their online web presence. Consultants in this field are increasingly in demand – if of course you really know what you’re doing. Each month companies’ websites receive thousands and thousands of visitors to their website. Every action that visitor takes on the website, and …

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