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5 Questions Every Consultant Should Ask

Is your quest for knowledge holding you back from success? Strange question? Maybe, yet it’s an important one. Let me explain… Many consultants find themselves constantly on the hunt for more information. All the information in the world is simply information until you APPLY it and take ACTION on it by focusing on the right …

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21 Productivity Tips for Consultants

Do you want to become more productive? Who doesn’t, right? The idea of getting more done in less time is what so many of us strive for. In fact, there’s a huge industry and thousands of books written on how to become more productive. There is a problem with all of this however… The problem …

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Mountain Madness and Tasting Success

As we arrived at the base of the mountain we knew something was different. Instead of bursting up a hill and taking a break, I’d take no breaks, climb slower and make it to the top. We were about to start our climb to 3,700 feet. A straight climb up 2.9 km (1.8 miles). Looking …

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Freedom and Lifestyle of Consulting

I took half of August off this summer and it was one of our company’s best months ever. That’s a great feeling. During that time I had a good friend in town visiting from Europe. We went to a cabin in the forest for 3 days. Then camping in the mountains near Whistler with my …

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How Great Leaders Excel

Have you ever felt that your lack of knowledge in a specific area is holding you back from attaining success? I’m going to share with you a fascinating story on this point in just a moment. Start learning everything you can about the area you want to improve in. Talk with people that have successfully …

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Leading By Example

It’s midweek and the sun is beaming in through your windows. The room where you work from is getting hotter every minute. Your friend calls and suggests you go out for a drink and enjoy the sunshine. What do you do? Just last week you added a note in your schedule book to pick up …

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