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How to Charge More for Your Consulting Services

There is one very simple, straightforward and easy way to make more money from consulting. You only need to raise your rates.

Some find the idea horrific. “Won’t I scare my client away if I ask them for more money?” is the most common concern. It’s this mental block that holds back most individual from increasing their consulting fees. And yet it shouldn’t.

You may lose a few clients by charging more. But you’ll make so much more with your other clients and the new ones you take on that in the end you’re bank account will sit fatter.

If you take it one step further you can find creative ways to keep your clients from jumping ship when you raise your fees.

If your client can’t afford your new rate you can offer to spend an hour or two less a week (for example) at your new fee. That way they still get to keep you and you keep them. It’s a compromise that often works.

When increasing your fees the key is to be prepared. You don’t just want to show up and say “Just so you know, next week my hourly rate is $150 an hour and not the old $95 an hour.” Be sure to explain why you are raising your fees.

Consultants usually use one of the following reasons:

  • You’ve completed a new certification
  • You know more than you did last year
  • You’ve added an employee
  • Fees you are charged have increased
  • Demand for your services has gone through the roof.

Personally, I feel the last one blows the rest out of the water. Whatever you’re saying, it all really comes down to increasing your skills and knowledge and by de facto you’re services are more attractive to more people. And in order to keep working with your client and grow your business you have had to raise fees for all clients.

You should be raising your fees every year or two at the minimum. If this idea is hard for you to swallow, take some time to think it through. After all, you have to be comfortable initiating it. If you ask any successful individual about raising their consulting rates they’ll all agree that they do it and that it’s a must if you want to increase revenues and the profitability of your business model.


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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4 thoughts on “How to Charge More for Your Consulting Services

  1. Another way to charge more for your consulting services is offering consulting packages, it resonates with fix price. By packages i mean service offering that will well defined outcome. Only very skilled consultant should offer it since newbie would go broke. Veteran would conduct the service very quickly and offer good outcome. Smart customers happily pay for such kind of services. Less smart still pay hourly.

    • Mike Zipursky says:

      Alik, thanks for sharing. Yes, consulting packages can be very effective. I’m not completely clear as to what kind of package you are referring to, but one of the best ways I’ve found to present pricing to clients goes like this:

      – Prepare a menu-like pricing sheet
      – Have 3 or so packages, from high to low
      – Have a column that explains the benefits and what is included with each package
      – Then just explain it to your client like a waiter would to a hungry individual

      By giving these choices, the prospective client feels like they have a role in the decision process. It also often gets them to ‘up-sell’ to a higher priced package. Why? Well there is something about us humans that often pushes us away from selecting ‘the cheapest’ option when someone else is around us. When alone, maybe we’ll go for the cheap option. But when someone else is around … “hmmm maybe I’ll start with the middle package”.

      Ultimately, it’s all about assessing the needs of the prospect and tailoring your offerings to best address them.

  2. Gerys COLE says:

    Excellent article and it explains clearly my last pricing strategy thus in a better position to explain clients the raison d’etre of my price.

  3. Gerys COLE says:

    The comment I made was indeed about value based pricing strategy…

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