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Seeing Beyond What Most People See: How to realize your true potential

I had a substitute teacher in elementary school named Golda. I can’t remember her last name - it was a long time ago!

Golda was a Holocaust survivor. She was tough. Kids were scared of her. It may have been her worn face and wrinkled skin.

But within 10 mins of listening to her I could sense the warmth behind the cold exterior. Golda used to ask riddles and quiz questions during class.

I’ll never forget after answering one of her questions she said “Michael, you should be a lawyer or teacher” in a thick Eastern European accent.

‘No way’ I thought. ‘I want to be a baseball player. What does she know.’

Me at age 11
Me at age 10

Years later I understood what Golda saw in me.

It’s actually something my Mom saw too.

During my last years of high school and then in university my mom drilled me with “you should be a professor, you’d be a great teacher…”

I hated school. The idea of me going back into school or university made me cringe.

For years after graduating I would wake up from nightmares thinking I forgot to study for a big test, only to realize I’d graduated years earlier.

Both Golda and my mom knew something I didn’t.

I love to teach. What gets me jazzed up is helping others.

Michael Zipursky Coaching

While it’s not in a formal school setting but I’ve spent the last 10 years teaching and helping consultants to grow their business.

I started writing articles sharing my experience and the best practices I’ve gathered over the last 18 years of building consulting businesses.

One of the reasons I do it is to help people see beyond all the lies people tell.

I don’t know about you, but gosh, I’m tired of the hype and false promises made online these days.

The “make a million dollars overnight with no experience” claim...

...the [I must be successful because here I am sitting on my Ferrari] pictures.

I continue to publish new articles and videos because I want to share the truth about what it takes to realize your potential as a successful consultant.

Not with hype, fancy cars or wild claims. But with what it actually takes to succeed.

I’ve developed a program that has helped well over 300 consultants ADD six and seven figures to their ANNUAL revenues.

Not with some flashy technology. Nor with uncomfortable sales or a social media fad.

But with a process that has been time-tested for years, over and over again.

The key to realizing your true potential has little to do with information and everything to do implementation.

Have you ever felt like you’re swimming in a vast sea of information? That’s because you are. Every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created. According to an IBM study 90% of the data on the internet has been created in the last two years!

More information doesn’t mean more success. In fact, it’s often the opposite.

If you want to learn what it really takes to attract consulting clients consistently, develop messaging that resonates and win more business, it’s time to take action.

Free information is nice to have. But a customized plan for your specific situation that you can implement step-by-step is what creates results.

The Clarity Coaching Program for consultants is 100% focused on getting you results.

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