Learn Step-By-Step How to Create a Marketing System That Consistently Attracts Clients, Increase Your Fees and Double Your Income

How effective is your marketing system in attracting clients?

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You're likely a great consultant. You know how to provide your clients with value and help them reach their goals.

However, if you're like most of the consultants I've worked with over the last 14 years your challenge is getting more clients. And most importantly, how can you attract clients on a predictable and consistent basis.

Many consultants find that referrals help them to get their first few clients. But referrals from your network don't always last.

In fact, the most successful consultants don't rely on referrals. They don't 'rely' on anything. They take action.

They master their marketing and sales. They build a system that predictably drives new leads and ideal clients.

This isn't a one-off campaign. It's a system that once planned and built (the RIGHT way) becomes one of their highest points of leverage in their business.

It's what drives the growth of their business and makes it so profitable and sustainable.

I help my private clients and high-end coaching students create these systems and they consistently get results.

That's why I've decided to offer a new program, The Client Formula, where I will teach you how to build this marketing system. Now you too can attract clients on a predictable basis.

I took what I learned from Michael and within 23 hours of sending my first campaign I was already contacted by 5 ideal clients! That's more than I've ever had before in any campaign. Not only did I learn about a proven system to be a much more successful consultant, the modules allowed me to clearly think through what I have done before, my past mistakes and also opened my eyes to how I should market myself and my business in the future."
- Trevor Rahill, President
Focus International
I operate a one-woman consulting business and what you're providing here is the best I've found. Your information just helped me land a client that will pay me in advance for a whole year!!"
- Tammy L. Endlish, Owner
Endlish Enterprises LLC
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The Client Formula Includes 8 Weeks of Detailed Modules:

1. Ideal Client Discovery
  • Gain clarity on who your ideal client is so that you can market to them more effectively
  • Find out which clients will respond best to your marketing so you can focus your efforts on them and lower your marketing costs to save money.
  • Discover which clients will be most profitable and which are ready to hire a consultant right now.
2. Attention Generation
  • Learn how to cut through the noise and get the attention of your ideal clients.
  • Follow the proven process to speak your ideal clients’ 'language' to better relate to them and see greater results in your marketing.
  • Create messaging and positioning that will make your marketing more effective than your competition.
3. Craft a Powerful Value Proposition
  • What do you do? What makes you a better option? Why should someone choose you? Answer all of these critical questions and more with your Value Proposition.
  • Learn the 3 part formula to create a value proposition that will consistently attract your ideal clients.
  • Discover the secret X-factor. When you include it in your value proposition, your ideal clients will instantly want to learn more about your services and how you can help them.

*Michael in action guiding a weekly session that comes with videos, templates and action plans.

4. Get Your Ideal Buyers Interested and Engaged
  • Learn how to create materials that position you as an authority and expert in your industry.
  • Use this strategy to build and establish trust with your ideal clients and have more of them coming to you.
  • Increase your fees by creating a heightened perception of the value you’re providing.
5. Strategic Offer
  • Create an irresistible offer that your ideal clients can’t resist – THEY will be coming to you asking for YOUR help.
  • Then learn how to most effectively demonstrate that you can help your client.
  • Close more deals and win more projects by giving your clients a no-risk way to take the next step with you and start the project.
6. Communicating Value
  • Clients don’t care about price, they care about value – now you’ll know how to position your offering with the greatest value.
  • You’ll learn step-by-step how to effectively communicate the value of your product/service.
  • Discover the formula to calculate ROI so you can show your clients why hiring you is such a great investment.
7. Target Marketing
  • Low-cost targeted marketing is the most efficient and effective way to consistently get more clients.
  • Discover how the most successful consultants spend almost zero dollars on marketing and how you can do the same.
  • Learn the approach that will allow you to reach your ideal clients at the right place and time - for maximum impact.
8. Strategic Pricing and Fees
  • You don't need to work more to make more. You make more by focusing on delivering value and communicating it.
  • You'll learn how to increase your fees and double your income in weeks, not years.
  • Discover the most effective pricing structures used by consultants earning over $50k/month and how to get clients to say 'yes' to your pricing.
  • Plus much, much more.

The Client Formula will be unlike anything I have offered before. My high-end coaching students and private clients pay me between $9,000 and $100,000+ to help them develop and implement these systems.

You're Going to Get...

  • 8 Video Lessons - Each video lesson walks you through every step in great detail so you know exactly what you need to do and how to do it.
  • Marketing Action Plans - With each module you'll get a Marketing Action Plan. Follow these steps and implement what you've learned and start seeing results.
  • Worksheets - I've created detailed worksheets that will help you to build your marketing system.
  • Assignments - There are several assignments throughout the program. Completing these will ensure you build a successful marketing system.
  • Anytime, anywhere access - You'll be able to login securely at anytime from any computer and go through all the materials and recordings at your own pace. Even the group calls will be recorded and available to you.

Lifetime Access

In addition to getting a new lesson each week for eight weeks, you'll be able to go through the lessons on your own schedule and even beyond the eight weeks you'll have lifetime access to the program.

I just won another project and received DOUBLE the fee compared to what I would have before. I'm learning new approaches and strategies to grow my business and have no hesitation recommending Michael's program."
- Greg Van Hyfte, Principal
Michael helped me to restructure my offerings and I now have the potential to make an additional $100,000 this year! Before working with Michael my only marketing method was letting my work speak for itself. As you can imagine that didn’t get me very far because no one knew about it but my current client. Michael has given me marketing tools that have allowed me to build my business."
- Dauwn Parker, Principal Consultant
Precision Partners

Your Best Investment

Ask yourself an important question: “How much is each client project worth?” $5,000, $20,000, $50,000 or more?

"How important is it for you to start landing more clients?"

Are you prepared to work hard and follow the proven steps I’ll share with you to create your own sustainable and predictable marketing system?

If you are, here's what you'll get with the Client Formula...

If you land just one or two new clients, how much is that worth to you? Here's the value you'll get with the Client Formula:

What You Get Value
8 Weeks of Client Formula Modules $1800
8 Marketing Action Plans $350
14 Templates & Worksheets $250
Total Value $3350

$3350 $997

Michael I am so pumped right now!! I just signed my first deal for $6000! I followed the framework step by step and had zero resistance when I told the buyer the investment was $6,000.My old price was $3,600. But now I know your framework works like gold, so I'll be raising my prices even more! You are the man."
- Kevin Shepherd
Shortcut Accounting
I've made 700% more with a project than I would have before and turned a short one time project into a full year! Not only that, I feel like I have more momentum in my business and marketing than I've had in a long time. Plus, this has all happened in less than 5 weeks."
- Barb Langlois, RN, BSN, MSN
Speaker, Trainer, Writer

Take Action Today and Start Attracting More Clients

If you're tired of worrying when you'll land your next client and want a sustainable system that will help you attract clients predictably, then the Client Formula is for you.

I will share the exact system I teach my private clients and high-end coaching students and you can get full access to everything for one low price. This special price won't last long.

So here's how to reserve your spot in the Client Formula before the special ends...

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To your success,

Michael Zipursky
Consulting Success

PS. If you've had enough of the one-shot techniques and marketing hype then it's time you build a marketing system that will help you get consulting clients on a consistent basis.

I went from making $24,000 from one project to $64,000. I feel so much more focused and my team tells me they've noticed a big difference too. I have a lot more clarity around what I need to be doing each and every week with my marketing. Michael has really helped me to get results and I'm looking forward to significantly growing my business this year."
- Leonor Urena
Agile Coach and Trainer
Founder of Scrum Mastering llc
I've doubled my business in less than 12 weeks. Michael helped me to re-package my offerings and improve my pricing structures which lead to a 40% increase in my fees and I've already landed 2 new projects at my new rate and I'm confident many more to come."
- Sonaya Williams, President
Sonaya Williams Group
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