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Closing the deal

If you’re running your own consulting business then no doubt you’ve had to close a deal many a times.

By far the biggest reason deals don’t get closed, whether selling a product or landing
a new client, is because people are scared to ask for the order.

They feel shy, almost as if they are intruding and being too pushy by asking.

I could line up 10 random people on the street and each might feel differently as
to whether or not asking for the order is being too pushy. Fact is, it doesn’t really
matter what they or anyone else thinks.

You got to do whatever it takes to make the sale. Of course if you’re over pushy and
show little to no regard for your prospective client you deserve to not make the sale.

But I believe you’re doing your customer a disservice by not asking them for the order.

Here’s why: If your product or service is so good, if it delivers as you advertise, and
will truly make the person’s life better or more enjoyable, than you have a right to get
them to try it.

If you say, “but my product or service isn’t that great” then you really have a different
kind of problem. You better build a better product.

If your product is great they’ll try it, most will love it and they’ll thank you for making
their life better and more enjoyable.

The next time you’re meeting with a client and you’ve educated them on all the benefits,
go on – ask them to make a purchase. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many will
say yes.


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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