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Clarity Coaching Program: The proven coaching program for consultants

Clarity Coaching ProgramTM
The proven coaching program and framework for consultants to develop an optimized business model with clear messaging, premium fees, and a marketing system that generates ideal clients


We coach consultants to work with companies like...

Nike Google Pfizer MLB Toyota YMCA Whole Foods AON Verizon Intuit Shell Tesco Sugarfina Boeing BlueCross BlueShield GE PWC Kelloggs Carrefour Office Depot HP UCLA Bank of Montreal

I had always thought to myself if I were to start over again with my business I would get some advice or coaching. Then I realised that I was not reaching my full potential and was really just limping along with 1-2 weak prospects in my pipeline at any given time. Within 6 weeks of working with the Consulting Success® team my pipeline was full and the first new clients were in place. Most importantly I have learned to focus more on the unique value I can deliver and that has increased my own sense of satisfaction with what I do. Not knowing Michael or the Consulting Success® team I thought it was a risk to invest 5 figures in coaching, now I view it not as a risk but a necessity."

Scott Wagers
Scott Wagers
BioSci Consulting, Belgium
Former Assistant Professor, University of Vermont College of Medicine

We had our best year ever last year, adding hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue, and I'm very excited for the growth we'll experience this year! I've worked as part of large consulting companies and consulted for some of the world's biggest businesses. When it came to growing my own consulting business this coaching program was a clear fit. I've invested a significant amount of money to work with Michael and his team and I continue to. It's been a great investment."

Jitendra Badiani
Jitendra Badiani
Focused Improvement Consulting, Toronto
Former Director, PwC and Dunkin' Brands

I'm excited to share another win today! After persistent follow up, I just finished signing up another consulting client which is my 7th client so far since working closely with Michael, Sam and the Consulting Success® team. Of course I still have a long way to go but revenue is coming in, people are saying yes to my offers and I'm so much more clear on my business model including my pricing, packages, marketing strategy, sales process, and so much more."

Sarah Borders
Sarah Borders
Founder of Benefits Compliance Solutions

I wanted to find a better way to package my expertise and services to convey greater value. That's exactly what I've done as part of the Clarity Coaching program. I have stronger and better defined packaged offerings, my pipeline is growing and my revenue is up 80% year over year. I recommend working with Consulting Success® to any consultant who wants to grow, improve and take their business to a higher level."

Martin Krumbein
Martin Krumbein
CEO, OnTarget Consultancy, Germany

Boom! It's my first week in Clarity Coaching and I just landed a new project. Got a verbal yes on a call today with the founder, and he just paid the invoice in full now! I ended up charging almost double my previous fees thanks to my Clarity coach who pushed me to really understand the value of what I deliver to my clients. Based on how quickly the client said yes I think my coach was definitely right. Loving this program so far and I know there'll be more clients coming soon!"

Mike Rinard
Mike Rinard
Founder of Chimp Wolf

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Proven Coaching for Entrepreneurial Consultants to Build a more Profitable, Scalable, and Strategic Consulting Business

We’ve coached over 500 entrepreneurial consultants from around the world to optimize their messaging, business model and improve lead flow in the Clarity Program. Over the last 13 years we have tested and developed a proven and time tested consulting framework to support rapid learning and implementation to help you create real momentum in your business. That momentum and strategy translates to a solid consulting business model, a strong marketing engine and brand, and increased revenue and profitability.

The Four Keys to Success as a Consultant

In the Clarity Coaching program you'll learn:

1. Ideal Client Clarity - we’ll take you through the Ideal Client Discovery process so you are clear and confident that you are focusing on the right ideal client. Here you’ll develop specific criteria so that you can target and find your ideal clients with ease and so that you can develop messaging that resonates with them.

2. Magnetic Messaging - with a Magnetic Message you’ll be able to get the attention and interest of your ideal clients. You’ll develop messaging that you can use in your marketing materials, website, LinkedIn, and conversations with buyers. Your message will have your ideal clients raising their hands and wanting to speak with you. This will lead to more conversations with qualified buyers.

3. Consulting Business Model Optimization (Looking Under the Hood) - we’ll show you how to take your years of experience and expertise and package, position, place value on, price and present it in a clear structured way so that it aligns with what your ideal clients want to buy. During this process you’ll learn how to communicate value to your ideal clients which will allow you to increase your fees significantly. On average our clients are able to increase their fees by 100%-400% or more as they go through this process and win more proposals.

4. Marketing Engine - the most successful consultants always have a marketing system and process in their business that allows them to consistently attract their ideal clients. That's what the Marketing Engine is all about. With new clarity around your ideal client and your Magnetic Message, you’ll develop your Marketing Engine so that it places you in front of your ideal clients consistently. Makes them aware of who you are, your area of expertise and how you can help them. The Marketing Engine leverages technology to help you automate parts of this process, making it more efficient. This is a great benefit for consultants, because you can continue to develop a pipeline full of leads at all times, even when you’re delivering on an existing client project, or have taken time off to spend with family and loved ones.

When I started this program a month ago, I had a vision for success, yet critical problems around my ideal client clarity, my messaging, services, proposals, and marketing systems - all crucial areas I needed help in.

Over the past month of working with Michael, Sam, Elliot and the rest of this community, not only has so much of this now tightened up, become more clear, and streamlined, but I'm grateful to announce that today I signed on with three brand new ideal clients that value 50k over the next 3 months with more opportunities looming ahead. Thank you all -- I owe much of the recent success to you.

Morgan Keim
Morgan Keim
Founder of Sprouted Ventures

I was heading into new territory and wanted to achieve growth fast. It felt like a big investment, committing several thousand dollars into the coaching program. I have to say, it was the right decision. From day one I got the support I wanted and needed including clear guidance on how to present my offerings, approach my marketing and win more proposals. In a matter of weeks, with help re-structuring my offerings so I can serve multiple clients at once, I added $10k/mo to my business. This has been a very positive investment!"

Lyn Lebeau
Lyn Lebeau
White Water Consulting, Ontario
Former Sr. Accountant, KPMG LLP

I joined the Clarity Coaching program 2 weeks ago and have been working through my strategic offer and "Revenue Roadmap Program" with Michael. I met with a couple CEOs and both asked for a proposal on a next stage of work. Within 3 days I had a confirmed project that was for $55k and a verbal yes on another for $33.5k. I am now a fully committed Strategic Offer zealot. Sam pointed out that this was a very good return on my Consulting Success® investment - I agree. Thank you guys for the feedback so far - let's all keep the momentum rolling!"

Doug Nelson
Doug Nelson, Social Sector Board & CEO Expert
Past President BC Cancer Foundation

What sometimes seems like a small adjustment can have a huge impact! I re-positioned how I communicate value based on your feedback and just heard back from my client. They've engaged me for a two day session at 5-figures! I didn't have to negotiate or lower my price. Really appreciate the coaching and guidance!"

Scott D. Payne
Scott D. Payne
Founder, SDP Solutions

I was very skeptical before joining the Clarity program because of bad past experiences in other coaching programs. I'm so glad I took the leap of faith and joined Clarity Coaching. This is the most organized and structured coaching program I've ever been part of. It's so powerful because it's focused strictly on consultants and Michael, Sam, and their talented team of coaches deliver massive value! I am more clear and confident on my plan for greater growth, who I'm able to best serve, and my offerings and business model are now optimized. I'm excited for what's coming next!"

David Cantliffe
David Cantliffe
President, BottomLine Advantage LLC

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Michael and Sam Zipursky
Sam Zipursky Strategy and Goal
Setting Coach
Michael Zipursky CEO and Coach
to Elite Consultants
Sam Zipursky and Michael Zipursky

Meet "The Cousins"

In the Consulting Success® Coaching Program you'll be working closely with both Michael and Sam.

Michael Zipursky

Michael Zipursky is the CEO of Consulting Success®. He's advised organizations like Financial Times, Dow Jones, RBC, Omron, Sumitomo and helped Panasonic launch new products into global markets, but more importantly, he's helped over 300 consultants from around the world in over 50 industries add six and seven figures to their annual revenues. He is one of the world's top authorities on growing a consulting business. His work has been featured in MarketingProfs, Institute of Management Consultants, Fox Business, Chartered Management Institute, Duct Tape Marketing, and Conscious Millionaire. He is the author of 5 books on consulting and business growth, his most recent the Amazon Bestseller The Elite Consulting Mind.

Sam Zipursky

Sam Zipursky co-founded Consulting Success® and has over 17 years of brand consulting experience working with companies like Pluris Energy, Nikkei Ad Agency, Baywest Management and Hamari Chemicals. Prior to Consulting Success® he was an internet and design instructor at Van Arts Media College and Marketing Director at Japanzine Magazine. He helps clients in the coaching program with strategy, goal setting and accountability and guides them on developing a strong brand presence.

I've landed 11 new clients during the program. I didn't know what I was getting into when I jumped on a call to learn more about the program, but I'm so glad I did. There are a lot of key learnings I've got working with you guys. I sincerely appreciate everything that I've received in terms of support, but also in terms of my own business and the amount of business that I've been on to write and increased my billings exponentially."

Donna Bates
Donna Bates
On Point Strategy, Australia
Former Marketing and PR Director, Australian Army

Is Michael Zipursky full of sh*t?" With so much hype and fake 'gurus' online these days that's the question I asked myself. So I signed up for one of the Consulting Success paid workshops to find out. It was a two day workshop and I had my answer on day one. A couple of days after that workshop I joined the Clarity Coaching program and have received tremendous value being a part of this community. It's helping me to grow my business to the next level and I highly recommend it. And yes, Michael and Consulting Success are the real deal."

John P. Sherk
John P. Sherk
Operations Laboratory

Four weeks after starting this program I won a deal worth over $40k. Before I started working with Consulting Success® I was studying and overwhelming myself with knowledge. I could not properly implement. What a difference now. Many thanks for your support!"

Demetrios Tzortzis
Demetrios Tzortzis
Marketing Consultant, Denver
Former Associate Principal, Acxiom

Based on your suggestions I’ve been tweaking our sales conversations and pre-sales process with potential clients over the last few weeks. I'm happy to share that I just signed up my 6th since joining your coaching program, where the company paused after I stated the price...their next sentence was “I’m ready to sign up!”. It was really validating and I just wanted to thank you for your advice and encouragement in the past few months of Clarity Coaching!"

Ashley Sutterfield
Ashley Sutterfield
CEO & Consultant
Metzger & Roth

As a successful entrepreneur recently transitioning into a consulting practice, joining the Clarity Coaching program and working with Sam and Michael was the best decision I could have made. I have gone through several coaching programs and mastermind groups but Clarity Coaching was different for me. It’s the first program that provided a focused, linear path to success with a clear, detailed process, accountability, tremendous group support and specific tools to ensure your success. Beyond that, you have complete access to Sam and Michael who clearly have the best interests of their clients in mind at all times and continue to find new ways to provide additional value throughout the process. It’s refreshing to work with a group of highly successful individuals who have already been where you're going and who can provide real world advice and support. Consulting Success® is 100% focused own their clients' success."

Josh Canova
Josh Canova, CEO Pow Wow Growth Strategies
Marketing Consultant, Denver
Former founder Detour Films, clients included Reebok, Pfizer, Toyota, Ad Council

Meet Your Expert Clarity Coaches

Brian Oulton | Clarity Coach
Brian helps business, sales and marketing leaders at technology companies to create sustainable growth by improving people, processes, and tools. He has worked with companies such as Cisco, Rockwell Automation, Eaton, Bosch, and many others for over 30 years. He simplifies the complex and helps his clients deliver on new initiatives, create strategies and execute them to meet and beat their goals. He has been a featured speaker at numerous global events and webcasts, has been published in nearly every publication in his industry, and has trained thousands.

Cloris Kylie | Clarity Coach
Cloris Kylie, MBA., is an expert in helping companies build authority, grow their database, and get ideal clients by collaborating with influencers. She leverages her background in industrial engineering, marketing, and project management to design digital marketing systems for her clients. The host of a top rated podcast and author of an international bestseller, she has been featured on platforms with millions of followers including network TV, top-ranked podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs.

Jeff Kushmerek | Clarity Coach
Jeff Kushmerek helps SaaS B2B CEO’s reduce churn and significantly increase recurring revenue and software adoption. Jeff's consultancy works with high-growth companies to establish foundational processes aimed at optimizing resources, managing deliverables, and aligning stakeholder goals and expectations to get new customers launched faster. Jeff has been a part of scaling amazing teams at Endeca (1B purchase by Oracle), Brightcove (VP during IPO), and Virgin.

Patrick Farran | Clarity Coach
Patrick Farran, PhD, MBA has 20+ years of corporate consulting experience across multiple industries and currently runs a B2B consulting practice helping executive leaders implement organizational transformation initiatives and align their teams for peak performance. He also teaches and coaches in the full-time MBA program at the University of Notre Dame where he focuses on coaching and mentoring MBA's pursuing careers in consulting and entrepreneurship. He's currently working on a book, Built on Purpose: A Founder's Playbook for Building a Thriving Company without Selling Out and will be happy to to gift a copy to interested Clarity Coaching Program members when it's available for release later in 2022.

Grant Fisher | Clarity Coach
Grant is an International Multi-Award Winning Speaker, Coach & Trainer with over 25 years of extensive business leadership experience running small, medium and global businesses. He has launched new and grown existing businesses. Worked hard to train and develop high performance teams. Grant is also a certified business coach, Brian Tracy trainer, Evernote certified consultant and MBA graduate with tens of thousands of hours of ongoing professional development, training and coaching with individuals and groups including Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Franklin Covey, to name just a few.

Lara Frankovitch | Clarity Coach
Lara helps SaaS companies build, improve, and scale their Customer and Technical Support operations and leaders through consulting, advising, and 1-on-1 coaching. She has spent 20 years developing leaders and scaling high-performing teams in leadership roles at both Fortune 500 eCommerce companies and fast-growing tech startups. Lara is a certified Executive Coach, certified Career Coach, PMP (project management professional), and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. She graduated from the Harvard Leadership Development program and has an electrical engineering degree from Bucknell University.

Marc Scibelli | Clarity Coach
Marc is an experienced design-thinking and digital business consultant. He has helped hundreds of organizations create value through commercial innovation. Over the last 20 years Marc has been a creative and technology executive, he was the Head of Product and Innovation at Infor, a large business applications company. Marc was a part of the enterprise engineering leadership team at Facebook, and went on to help launch a private equity firm along with several digital product companies. Marc continues to be a speaker and thought-leader around enterprise product design and innovation.

Nina Cooke | Clarity Coach
Nina Cooke helps 6 and 7 figure service-based Experts to create an unstoppable mindset so they can build authority and boost their profit. She has worked with hundreds of established entrepreneurs, helping them to increase their income by up to 800%. Nina is the co-author of Renegade Mindset: A Financial Advisor’s Guide to a Peak Performance Mindset and host of “Entrepreneur’s Inner Game Podcast" where she has interviewed world-class entrepreneurs and best-selling authors. Nina has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, on BBC Radio, and on top podcasts.

Meet Your Success Mentors

As a Clarity Coaching client you’ll also have access to and feedback from our Success Mentors. Our Success Mentors are the founders of active and successful consulting businesses and are graduates of the Clarity Coaching program. They have a deep understanding of running, growing and scaling high-six and seven figure consulting businesses.

A. Nicole Campbell | CEO of Build Up Advisory Group
A. Nicole Campbell specializes in creating peace of mind. Nic works with brave nonprofits and philanthropies to strengthen their infrastructure in order to scale their social impact. She has provided strategic legal, governance, and operational guidance as a senior advisor for two of the world’s most prominent philanthropists, and has spoken on and trained senior management teams and board members in nearly every region of the world in grant making, governance, and organizational design for over 15 years. She is a sought-after strategist and thought partner to philanthropists, philanthropies, collaboratives, movements, and nonprofit organizations in the United States, the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, and around the world. Her clients include multi-billion dollar international philanthropies all the way to place-based grassroots organizations.

Victoria K. Meyer | Founder of Progressio Global
Victoria Meyer is a B2B strategy, marketing and growth expert with over 25 years of leadership experience at Fortune 50 and global companies including Shell, Clariant, and LyondellBasell. Today, she runs a boutique consultancy that helps chemical industry executives close the gap between their strategic vision and business reality by creating sharp customer-focus and instilling organizational ownership. Victoria also hosts a success podcast and is an accomplished speaker.

Rob Malec | Founder of Businessworks Consulting
Rob is an accomplished sales and revenue generation expert, author and speaker. He works closely with growth-minded leaders and their sales teams to create a scalable revenue generation engine within their business that achieves reliable and predictable year over year revenue growth. Rob has been consulting for 19 years and has helped over 100 organizations in 22 industries refine and strengthen their sales approach and systems to significantly grow revenue and profits.

Bobby Gillespie | President & Founder of Propr Design Agency
Bobby G brings big city tenacity and a gritty, blue-collar approach to brands across the US that want to make better, more authentic relationships with their target audience. Bobby and his brand development and growth-marketing agency Propr Design bring a fresh perspective, unique insights, and powerful initiatives to mid-market and large companies alike. Their no BS approach solidifies their client's brand foundation and then unleashes their potential through robust digital design and marketing efforts focusing on genuine relationships and killer results.

How We Get Results Fast

Clarity Coaching helps you get more confident and strategic on your ideal client, develop clear messaging, a profitable business model and marketing engine in two phases.

1. Phase 1 (8 weeks) includes:

Your Private Expert Clarity Coach - The coaching program starts off with a "strategic deep dive call" with your assigned Clarity Coach where you’ll get deep and detailed around your business and goals. During this session you'll develop a strategic step-by-step plan that you'll start working on right away to create momentum and progress in your business. From there you'll have weekly private coaching calls with your coach to continue working on and optimizing your plan to ensure success.

Strategic Guidance from Michael Zipursky - You’ll have anytime access to personalized feedback on your custom plan inside our interactive coaching forum directly from Michael Zipursky as well as weekly consulting workshops led by him. Michael has been building successful consulting businesses for over 20 years and has personally helped hundreds of consultants from all over the globe generate millions of dollars in extra income.

YOU Matter: This is not one of those group programs where you’re simply a number among hundreds or thousands of people.

  • You are our top priority. We only work with a small group of clients.
  • Expert consultants and coaches. You get direct access to your Clarity Coach, personal access to the “Zipursky Cousins” - Michael and Sam and the community of like-minded consultants working on growing their business just like you.
  • No wasted time. We’re happy to talk with you! Unlike some programs, we don’t force you to post your questions into a Facebook group or wait for hours on a group call to simply ask one question.
  • Only committed consultants. We don’t work with life coaches, freelancers, or massage therapists. We only work with dedicated and committed consultants.

Weekly Consulting Workshop and Q&A Sessions - these are live workshop calls where every single week Michael Zipursky and special guests deliver a powerful consulting workshop (on Zoom) followed by live Q&A and coaching. We will personally answer your questions. Ask as many questions as you’d like, Michael and our expert coaching team will stay on for as long as needed to make sure that you get all of your questions answered. Have a proposal you want feedback on? No problem, you’ll get live feedback on the call. Have a marketing material, client situation, website or anything else that you want to get help with? Bring it up on the call and we’ll get you the clarity you need. Each workshop and Q&A is recorded so you can watch and listen to them if you miss a call.

24/7 Interactive Coaching Forum - you’ll be able to ask questions and get personalized guidance, reviews, and coaching from Michael, Sam, and our experienced coaching team (who are active and successful consultants themselves) and other extraordinary consultants from a range of industries. Everyone in the group is just like you - committed to improving their marketing and growing their consulting business. The forum is an environment filled with vision, energy, and innovation. You can upload documents or post your questions 24/7. You also get the added benefit of receiving feedback from other consultants who are going through this process, as well as consultants in our Optimization program who are already generating $40k, $60k, even $100k+ per month as independent consultants. This allows you to get feedback from others at your level and above to accelerate your success.

Consulting Success® Framework - We will ship you a hardcover workbook and you’ll also get online access to our Consulting Success® Framework and system and includes the step by step process as well as the latest best-practices for growing a scalable, profitable, and meaningful consulting business. The framework includes videos, scripts, and templates to help you generate more leads and fill your pipeline, strategies to increase your fees, and exact models to follow to win more proposals. Why reinvent the wheel when you can leverage a proven training system and best-practices that have saved consultants hundreds of hours and helped them win millions of dollars in new business.

Your Expert Success Mentors - As part of Clarity Coaching you’ll also have access to our expert success mentors. The Clarity mentors Nicole and Victoria both run their own active and highly successful consulting businesses and are graduates of the Clarity Coaching Program. You'll have the opportunity to have to receive feedback and guidance on questions you have and what you're working on from powerful consultants who have been where you are and can provide strategic and relevant recommendations to help accelerate your success in the program and in your business.

2. Phase 2 (Optional on-going support and coaching)

We don’t just throw you in the lake and expect you to swim. Many of the clients in our community make their biggest strides and wins in month 3, 4, 5, and 6 because we are continuing to fine tune and improve on the foundation established in the first 8 weeks.

It’s the same reason why the most successful athletes, artists and business people make coaching and mentorship an on-going commitment and part of their lives. It’s what gives them an advantage and keeps them sharp and ahead of their competition. That’s what you get with Optimization.

After the first 8 weeks you will have the option to continue in the Optimization phase of Clarity Coaching where we’ll keep working with you to support your business growth and help you reach your next-level goals. As your marketing begins to fill your pipeline you’ll likely have questions about how to further increase your fees, win even more proposals and continue to improve your marketing and scale your business. Optimization is where we’ll continue working with you to support your on-going success.

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Schedule a FREE Consulting Success® Growth Session to learn how to grow your consulting business.

Schedule Free Consulting Success® Growth Session

Michael and the team at Consulting Success® are truly Marketing Experts. Their own work illustrates exactly what they coach others to do. Every interaction feels personal, as if you're their only client. I reached out to Consulting Success® for help getting my consulting practice to the next level. They brought immediate clarity to my value proposition and marketing strategy and I found myself truly energized for my new focus starting on my very first day of working with them. If you want to take your consulting business higher, you should be talking to Michael and the Consulting Success® team."

Peg Ayers
Peg Ayers, MBA CCXP
CX Consultant
Former Senior Director Office Depot

Thank you Michael and Sam for all your support! After reluctantly joining the Clarity Program because of my limited schedule, I closed my first discovery offer of $15,000 with a strong potential of full engagement of $185,000 in Milan, Italy.

I picked the program because I definitely needed the structure and guidance in accomplishing my short term goals in less than three weeks, mainly building a new website, updating my linkedin profile, and writing winning proposals in preparation of attending an industry trade show in Geneva, Switzerland.

During the trade show I qualified potential ideal clients and walked away with seven proposal requests, while also turning away more than five potential clients because I didn't believe it would be a good fit. Five weeks later I flew back to Europe to follow-up with two out of the seven original ideal clients and closed the my first deal on my first day in country. I still need to send out three of my seven original proposals, however, without the structure and accountability of the Clarity Program I doubt I would have gotten so far so fast."

Volker Gallichio
Volker Gallichio
Nutraceutical & Healthcare Consultant
Former Brand Manager Johnson & Johnson

When I changed my magnetic message that made my value proposition and the [value and fees] of my leadership go way way up. You helped me talk about a problem [that my ideal clients care about] and how I can help them to solve it in a meaningful way. Kudos to you on the magnetic message. It's so awesome. Thank you. It's really changed my perspective on how I position what I do and having people want to reach out to me. It's definitely helping."

Dr. Dana Wells
Dr. Dana Wells
CEO, Dana Wells & Associates
Worked with Shell, Tata Consulting, Accenture, Aon

What is it costing you to stay where you are?

Every day, week, and month you don't make significant progress towards your goals is lost opportunity. Literally, money (sometimes a lot of it) sitting on the table.

Enter your information below to see what it's costing you to stay where you are...

Enter your current annual income
What's your desired annual income
Here's what it's costing you to stay where you are:
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$xxxxx each day.

The Program has netted me well in excess of the coaching fees within weeks of beginning. Michael has provided invaluable coaching and insight that has really helped me to develop my business. He’s “been there, done that” and the experience really pays off. Top notch!"

Jeff Griffiths
Jeff Griffiths
Calgary, Canada
Griffiths Sheppard Consulting Group

I got burned out in the corporate world and decided I wanted to do my own thing, but the truth is even though I knew my expertise, I didn't know how to market and run my own business. I now spend a lot more time with my family. I make twice as much as I did as an employee and I wasn't doing too badly as an employee either. And compared to when I first got started in consulting, I'm making five times more with my fees. I feel excited about the plan I have in place for the future."

Christie Scanlon
Christie Scanlon
Cost-Accounting Consultant, Indiana
Former Director, Agilum Healthcare Intelligence

I joined the Clarity coaching program to zero in on my ideal client so that I could get my value proposition, fee structure, and offerings focused. My investment in the program started paying off quickly and before the end of the 8 weeks I landed a new client and I have real clarity that will help me in the months and years to come using what I have learned."

Scott Gillespie
Scott Gillespie, Agronomy Consultant
Clients work with McCain, Cavendish, Lamb Weston, & Frito Lay

I just wanted to share with you that since joining Clarity Coaching and using your amazing proposal letter – I have landed EVERY engagement with that letter except for one (and that one was because the company was acquired and no longer wanted the engagement).

I am flooded with work right now and the next thing I need to work on with you and my coach is how to strategically balance all of this work flowing in!"

Amy McDougal
Amy E. McDougal, JD, CCEP, CA

Real Results Guaranteed

We offer the only coaching program exclusively for consultants that guarantees specific results.

The Clarity Coaching Program is for consultants who want an effective way to market their services, attract more leads and clients, earn higher fees and win more business.

As long as you take consistent action and follow our recommendations within 8 weeks of enrolling in the Clarity Coaching Program you will:

  • Know how to effectively identify and target your ideal clients with your message and marketing.
  • Develop a marketing message that will get the attention and interest of your ideal client so they start to respond to your messages and want to speak with you about your expertise and how you can help them.
  • You will have effective clear packaging, positioning and pricing of your services that allow you to earn premium fees.
  • You will have identified and begun building a repeatable and efficient marketing system that allows you to generate qualified leads, get in front of your ideal clients, and build a real pipeline of business.

Together during your 1-on-1 Consulting Success® Growth Session call we'll define specific targets, goals and results for your situation.

If you haven’t achieved these specific results by the end of the 8 week Foundation program we will continue to work with you, on our dime and at no additional cost to you, for as long as it takes and until you achieve these results.

Schedule Free Consulting Success® Growth Session

Initially I was hesitant about investing several thousand dollars per month into coaching. But within 3 months I had landed almost six-figures in new business. It's been the best decision and investment I've made in my business. I had a blueprint, a strategy, and the confidence I needed. It was a scary thing to do at the time, but I know I wouldn't be where I am 4-years later if I had not made the decision to enroll in the program."

Elliot Begoun
Elliot Begoun
TIG Brands, California
Former VP, Crystal Creamery and Director Shamrock Foods

Michael's ideas and expertise have served my company very well! We hired Michael to help us define revenue paths and approaches for our new consultancy--from strategic to tactical. He helped us define and articulate the company's direction, strengths, goals, and leverage points. Michael's expertise has provided us with an understanding of how to gain more customers and communicate a unique value proposition that addresses their problems. As a result, we have expanded our client base! He will make your company more successful! Hire him!!"

Gary Kyle
Gary Kyle
Federal Contracting Consultant
Former Principal Booz Allen Hamilton

I joined the Clarity Coaching Program to get feedback and guidance on how to best grow my business. I'd seen some success, I knew there was a lot of opportunity for me, but I wasn't clear on how to best leverage it and what steps to take. I got a great ROI in the program and my investment was well worth it. I sharpened my messaging, got real clarity on my ideal clients, increased my fees with success and my business has more than doubled since joining the program. I highly recommend Clarity Coaching."

Charles Demontigny
Charles Demontigny
Founder & Consultant

I've run my consulting business for over 25 years. We have a small team and do great work. As a result, all of our business had come from referrals. When COVID hit, like for many, we faced some challenges. I decided it was time to look for help to grow our consulting business beyond just referrals and our network. That's why I reached out to the team at Consulting Success. They helped us sharpen our message, get our marketing in order and take the right actions to begin building a real pipeline of business. I'm pleased to say that's exactly what's happened. Our initial marketing is getting great responses and we now have several new client opportunities I'm excited about! I would certainly recommend working with the team at Consulting Success."

Jim Corter
Jim Corter
Corter Consulting

What Makes The Clarity Coaching Program Different?

You might be wondering what makes the Clarity Coaching Program different from other programs out there? That's a great question and an important one to ask.

Below you'll find what our clients consistently tell us and what we've made part of our core beliefs that guide how we run the program.

1) We avoid hype and big promises - You've likely seen the claims of people going from zero to becoming a millionaire in just a few short months. We're all surrounded by too much hype these days. Extraordinary results can be achieved. Many of our clients have created them. The reality is that the consulting business is a real business. It takes work, commitment and dedication. With proven and tested methods we'll show you how you can get there much faster while saving on costs and making greater revenue along the way, that however doesn't in any way replace the focus, time and commitment you'll want to dedicate.

2) Most "consulting" coaches don't do real CONSULTING - Lots of people talk about "consulting", very few actually have experience landing and working with established companies. Life coaches, spiritual healers and massage therapists aren't consultants even though some "gurus" will try and persuade you that's the case. We've spent 18+ years advising, and 10+ years helping consultants, work with established organizations, both non-profit and for-profit, from small to multi-billion dollar global organizations. We talk the talk because we've actually walked the walk.

3) We focus on value, not volume - We are a family business, run by “the Zipursky cousins” (as some of our clients refer to us) and we treat our coaching clients like family members - la familia! Other coaching programs have hundreds of people in them at once, which means you get little to no attention from the real experts you signed up to learn from in the first place. We work with a small dedicated group of experts and consultants, giving them direct access to us. Sure we spend more time with our clients than most (we find it funny that other programs try spend less actual time helping their clients), but we love working closely with our clients and it helps us support and coach our clients to achieve great results.

4) Our Sales Process for Clarity Coaching is Different - We don’t like pressure and don’t use a pressure approach. We look at this as a mutual fit and only accept clients into the Clarity program that a) we have 100% confidence that we can help and b) are motivated and committed action takers that we feel will be a great fit for our amazing community. We only work with consultants who are ready to take their business to the next level. If you're not ready, that's fine, take your time. Reach out when you are. But if you're serious about growing your consulting business and revenues and want to develop a marketing system that helps you to predictably build your pipeline with high-value consulting clients then get in touch and schedule a FREE Consulting Success® Growth Session so we can learn more about you, answer your questions and let you know if you are, or aren't, a good fit for the program. If growth has been on your mind for a while and you haven't been able to get the results you want by yourself, continuing to do what you've been doing won't get you any farther. Reach out and let's talk, we may be able to help.

I’ve doubled my business in less than 12 weeks. Consulting Success® helped me to re-package my offerings and improve my pricing structures which lead to a 40% increase in my fees and I’ve already landed 2 new projects at my new rate and I’m confident many more to come."

Sonaya Williams
Sonaya Williams
Sonaya Williams Group, Denmark
Former Senior Analyst, TD Ameritrade

With Michael and Consulting Success® by our side, pushing us to rethink some of the fundamentals we were overlooking and tweak even just small things about our process, we beat our revenue goal for 2016 by 25%. And that's after Michael recommended we double it on our first call with him."

Shane Reiser
Shane Reiser, Partner
Your Ideas Are Terrible
Former Director at Dwolla

When putting together my discovery offer proposal, I sought help on the Clarity Coaching forum. Based on the feedback and suggestions provided by the coaches, I presented the proposal on a call with my client. Not only did he compliment the proposal, he said YES!!! We kick off in 2 weeks. He's already talking about some future projects. THANK YOU!"

Luisa Franco
Luisa Franco
Founder & CEO at LFP Risk Solutions

Do you Invest In Yourself The Same Way You Ask Your Clients To Invest in You?

Want to know the difference we see with the consultants who succeed and those that struggle?

The first group is not interested in change, they are committed to it. They take action and invest in what they have the most control over - themselves. They are intentional in their actions and face their fears because that's when breakthroughs happen.

Consultants that continue to struggle say they want and dream of change yet lack the courage to pull the trigger, invest and take action.

Take a hard and honest look at your actions. Are you willing to invest in your business to grow and achieve the breakthrough you've been dreaming of? And will you invest in your business the same way you ask your clients to invest in theirs?

As the old Chinese proverb says "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

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Michael is a marketing coach with an effective and efficient method for building a lucrative consulting practice. The coaching conversations leave nothing unturned or unsupported and I am continually amazed at their ability to cut through the chaos of entrepreneurship and outline the next, simple steps to success.

There is not an ounce of wasted time in our conversations or in their recommendations. As a mother, wife and 15 year consultant, I value his no-nonsense expertise and wisdom very highly; I have no time to waste and need to support my family, while also finding fulfillment in my work. With Consulting Success® on my team, I am guaranteed that will happen. I doubled my fees half way through their program and now have the confidence to start expanding my offerings.

I would highly recommend Michael and the Consulting Success® Coaching program, it is worth every penny and more."

Shelley Churchill
Shelley Churchill
Organizational Health Consultant
Former Manager Capgemini Consulting

I decided to level up again by investing in the coaching program. I was able to land $30K in client contracts which easily was more than 3x my investment. I anticipate making so much more throughout the year with the tools that I invested in.

It’s a no brainer...if you’ve seen and experienced results after applying any of the Consulting Success® practices from his articles or products, then hire Michael as a coach and stop wasting time, like I did. I could’ve made more money a lot earlier in my venture. So don’t make my mistake."

Damien Wilpitz
Damien Wilpitz
Lab Research Consultant
Former Research Manager Harvard Medical School

The Clarity Coaching program was outstanding. I worked with Cloris and she was amazing and so helpful. When I started I knew very little about what it really takes to grow a successful consulting business. I now know so much more and have the clarity, confidence and plan I was looking for! The framework provides a great foundation for the learning, and the 1-1 coaching is so valuable because it helps you put it into action. I loved my time with Consulting Success and would reach out again for more support without hesitation!

Susan Ly
Susan Ly
Business Development Specialist
Houston Methodist

What Kind of Consultants Do You Work With?

We often get asked “Does Clarity Coaching Apply to My Expertise?” We work with consultants in dozens of industries around the world to grow their consulting revenue, improve their marketing and lead generation, and grow a systematized and profitable consulting business. Below is a list covering just some of the consulting industries we work closely with in Clarity:

  • Management consultants
  • Energy & Oil consultants
  • E-Commerce consultants
  • Marketing consultants
  • Technology consultants
  • Branding & Design consultants
  • Pharmaceutical consultants
  • Food & Beverage consultants
  • Construction consultants
  • Finance consultants
  • Education consultants
  • Security consultants
  • Environmental consultants
  • Non-profit & Fundraising consultants
  • Logistics consultants
  • Transportation consultants
  • Aerospace consultants
  • And many other industries.


Do I need to have years of experience?
In order to qualify for the Consulting Success® Coaching Program you must be an expert in your area - someone with years of experience and expertise. Your track-record should demonstrate that you are able to provide value and results (this may have come from years in the corporate world or in your own business). Most consultants who join the Consulting Success® Coaching Program have been consulting for a period of time and have some client experience. We work with early stage consultants all the way to veterans with years of experience earning over $1M per year.
What kind of consultants are in the program?
The strategies and approaches we teach work for all consultants regardless of their industry. Keep in mind, the focus of the Consulting Success® Coaching Program is to help you develop a marketing system and process that will consistently attract your ideal clients, support you in increasing your fees and winning more proposals and business. We won’t teach you how to do the consulting in your industry, that’s your expertise. Ours is marketing for consulting businesses.
Will this work well in my country?
We’ve worked with consultants in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.
Is this program right for me?
If you’re a consultant that works with other businesses as your clients (B2B and you have real expertise, experience and can demonstrate results that impact your clients the answer is yes. This program is not a fit for life coaches, therapists or people that work directly with consumers (B2C).
What makes Consulting Success® and the Consulting Success® Coaching Program different?
First, we exclusively work with and advise consultants and consulting firms. We don’t work with life coaches, financial planners, massage therapists, etc. This focus and commitment gives us an understanding of what it takes to start, run, grow and scale a successful consulting business. We’ve done it ourselves multiple times. For the last 18 years we’ve been in the trenches working with clients, building consulting businesses and serving global clients.
Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes, see the Real Results Guaranteed section on this page. Our program is the only one of its kind exclusively for consultants that provides a guarantee that you'll reach specific measurable goals and ensures you make real progress and have peace of mind that your decision to grow your business is the right one.
When is the right time to start?
Some people wait for the ‘perfect time’. The reality is, there is no perfect time. Life will always throw an obstacle or challenge your way. Most of our clients have busy schedules between client projects or family commitments. What makes you successful is your commitment to not let that slow you down. Keep in mind that the sooner you start, the sooner you can start seeing results in your business.
How should I justify the investment?
Take a look at the Your ROI section above. You should be able to see a positive ROI with just one or two new clients. Do the exercise above and identify your opportunity and the cost of not taking any action. Then decide if the investment makes sense for you.
Do you provide references from consultants who have gone through your program?
This is an interesting question and the way we respond to it has changed over time. We used to provide references in the early days, we no longer do. Here’s why:
- Our clients are focused on growing their business, not offering free advice. If they got contacted every time someone wanted to hear about their experience they wouldn’t have much time left to work on their own business or serve their clients. We respect our clients time, as we respect yours.
- When we surveyed our clients almost none of them had asked to see references before enrolling in the program. People who ask for references tend to be, though not in all cases, very skeptical. That’s not the type of client we want to work with. We have hundreds of complimentary articles, videos and other educational materials that you’re welcome to enjoy and that will help you feel more comfortable deciding to work with us, if indeed there is a fit.
- You can also see what consultants have said about their experience in the program below.

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I have decided to use Michael's services in an effort to grow my business. I had things going rather well, but knew that I could do better. Michael helped me in finding the unused potential that I had and leverage that in a short timespan. Within 2 months, I've been able to increase the size of the deals as well as my pipeline and to have a clean plan on how to move my business forward."

Tsahi Levent-levi
Tsahi Levent-levi
WebRTC Consultant
Former CTO Radvision

Michael is a guru of the modern marketing business. He understands how brands are built and maintained. His business background gives him solid understanding of channels of trade, and he gets how to build a business, and where clients are shopping. He applies practical savvy to problems. The one thing that sets him apart from the crowd of marketing professionals is his laser-like focus on actual measurable results. I have known Michael for years, worked with him, relied on him for important advice, and have no hesitation recommending him highly."

Kieran Moore
Kieran Moore
Director, Intellectual Property & Legal, lululemon athletica

Michael is a great thought leader in the world of professional consulting and providing trusted adviser services. Through his efforts, the best and brightest thinkers in this space are able to share the best practices across markets and disciplines for the performance improvement of those practitioners clients. The platform and forum he has established as well as his recent book have made a big impact on my own business."

Tom Searcy
Tom Searcy
CEO & Best-selling Author - Hunt Big Sales

Don’t just take our word for it

Bobby Gillespie
President & Founder, Propr Design Agency
Tom Gonzalez
Founder, BrightPoint Consulting Inc.
Larissa Stoddart
Principal & Owner, Growth & Co.
Jeff D. Standridge
Managing Director, Innovation Junkie
Graham Hogg
Founder/Director, Pelatum
Sarah Borders
Principal, Benefits Compliance Solutions
Joanne Downey
Founder and Principal Consultant, Strategy+People Inc.
Amanda Hill
President, Female Forward Consultancy
Brent Tolmie
Principal & Founder, End Game Advisors
Arturo Murakami
Supply Chain Consultant
Ravi Rajani
Founder/CEO, Ravi Rajani Coaching & Consulting
David Boyle
Co-Founder, Sherpa CPG
Tony Velasquez
Founder & ERP Consultant, Angelus Advisors LLC
David Lee
Founder, Health Collaboration Partners
David Allara
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Konnectus Technology
Cathy Demers
Consultant & Founder, Business Success Cafe
JT Badiani
Principal of Focused Improvement Consulting
John Murphy
Founder & Consultant at John Murphy International
Trevor Rahill
President & Owner, Focus International
Corrie Banks
Corrie Banks
President, Triskele Logistics and Consulting
"Michael Zipursky is a great coach, leader and mentor. His training systems and coaching program have helped me triple my client list, quadruple my revenue. He’s also helped me be more efficient and effective with managing my time. His program has paid huge dividends, and has transformed my business."
Charles Byrd
Founder / CEO at Byrd Word
Amy Deschamps
Amy Deschamps
Owner/Consultant - Success Essentials Dental Consulting
"In less than 12 weeks I tripled my revenue working with Michael and as a result of his coaching!"
Kate Caldecott
Kate Caldecott
Founder, Kate Caldecott & Associates
"Mike helps you to focus on the right things and build stronger value. Since being in the program, I have significantly expanded my reach and increased my sales by 45%. Most importantly, he has given me great advice structuring more profitable offerings which also add better results for my clients. You have to keep working on it step by step and with Mike’s advice, you definitely get there faster. Thanks for the support."

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Anton 'Tony' Mitchell
Anton 'Tony' Mitchell
Quviant Management Group
"I took what Michael taught me about focusing on the real problems that my clients have and made some changes to my approach compared to what we were doing before. That process was very helpful. So much so, that we used it to win new projects with 3 existing clients that will be worth an extra $1M for our company. My investment in working with Michael paid off right away."
Rudy Viard
Rudy Viard
Consultant webmarketing
"Thanks to Michael's coaching, I was able to reshape my consulting and coaching business and to land 22,000 Euros of contracts within 4 months. It took a lot of work, it was not sudden, but I know it was the best path to take to grow my business now and going forward."
Sam Schutte
Founder, Unstoppable Software
Adam Cooper
Founder and Consultant - Ascent Consulting Inc
Leonor Urena
Leonor Urena
Coach, Trainer, Founder of Scrum Mastering llc
"Within a few weeks of working with Michael I went from making $24,000 from one project to $64,000. I feel so much more focused and my team tells me they’ve noticed a big difference too. I have a lot more clarity around what I need to be doing each and every week with my marketing. Michael has really helped me to get results and I’m looking forward to significantly growing my business this year."
Christian Muntean
Christian Muntean
Founder & Principal, Vantage Consulting
"Michael's coaching helped me break through in a couple of basic marketing areas that I kept avoiding. I knew that I needed to do them but kept putting them off. He was focused in his questions and consistent in the accountability he provided. He helped me discover a way pursue clients in a way that felt authentic to me and genuine."
Greg Van Hyfte
Greg Van Hyfte
Principal, GrowthVisionHealth
"I just won another project and received DOUBLE the fee compared to what I would have before. That happened because of Michael’s help. I’m learning new approaches and strategies to grow my business and have no hesitation recommending Michael’s coaching program."
Vince Rath
Owner & Consultant - Optimum Retail Solutions
Mario Houston
Partner & Principal Consultant - Precision Partners
Barb Langlois
Barb Langlois
Speaker, Trainer, Writer -
"Since starting to work with Michael I’ve made 700% more with a project than I would have before and turned a short one time project into a full year! Not only that, I feel like I have more momentum in my business and marketing than I’ve had in a long time. Plus, this has all happened in less than 5 weeks."
Dauwn Parker
Dauwn Parker
Founder, Precision Partners
"Michael helped me to restructure my offerings and I now have the potential to make an additional $100,000 this year! Before working with Michael my only marketing method was letting my work speak for itself. As you can imagine that didn’t get me very far because no one knew about it but my current client. Michael has given me marketing tools that have allowed me to build my business. His approach is systematic and repeatable which gives me the confidence that I will be successful in continuing to acquire more clients. I would say if you are serious about running a successful consulting firm then working with Michael is a must."
Amir A. Nasr
Amir A. Nasr
Founder, AssertiveU Media Inc
"Before I met Michael and Sam, I was a consultant with deep expertise in my field but often found myself struggling mightily with how to package my services. I charged high fees by the hour and thought it was smart. Two brief conversations with Michael changed that. Thanks to Consulting Success®, I realized I was in fact limiting my ability to grow and potentially work with bigger corporate clients. As a result, a whole new world of possibilities opened up to me and led me on a journey that's helped me grow both personally and professionally. Structuring proposals in a way that reduces my workload while enabling me to charge significantly more is now the new normal. If you're a serious consultant looking to grow your practice, working with Consulting Success® is a no-brainer. Do it."
Elliot Begoun
Founder & CEO of TIG Brands
Mark Mitchell
Founder and Consultant - Whizard Strategy Group
Phil Kelly
Managing Partner, Wisdom Data Advisors
Mike Gammarino
Owner of Bluprint Partners Operations Consulting
Seandra Pope
Founder and CEO of Rooted Group
Monique Olan
founder of PivotalPitch

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