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Michael’s Coaching Has Helped Consultants Land $4.63M in New Business In the Last 12 Months…

Coaching Results Interviews:
Here are six audio interviews I think you’ll enjoy with consultants who have gone through Michael’s coaching program to attract more clients and grow their business:

Elliot Begoun – Growth Consultant, The Intertwine Group

Amy Deschamps – Success Essentials Dental Consulting

Corrie Banks – Supply Chain Expert, Strategist, and Cost Savings Specialist

Ken Blankenfeld – Principal of KBCm Group, LLC

Barb Langlois – RN, BSN, MSN – Speaker, Trainer, Writer

Sonaya Williams – President Sonaya Williams Group

And, below are some results other consultants from the coaching program are seeing…

“I took what Michael taught me about focusing on the real problems that my clients have and made some changes to my approach compared to what we were doing before. That process was very helpful. So much so, that we used it to win new projects with 3 existing clients that will be worth an extra $1M for our company. My investment in working with Michael paid off right away.”
Anton ‘Tony’ Mitchell. PMP, President
Quviant Management Group

“Hello Michael,
I just wanted to say thank you. I just landed my second 12-month consulting contract today worth $60,288. Your guidance is great and the crazy part is, I haven’t even finished implementing yet because I’ve been busy with work. (Which isn’t a bad thing. Lol.) I was able to implement some of your advice right away, and it already has shown a very nice ROI. THANK YOU!! Blessings.”
Matthew Feltner, Founder
Strategic Sales

“Within a few weeks of working with Michael I went from making $24,000 from one project to $64,000. I feel so much more focused and my team tells me they’ve noticed a big difference too. I have a lot more clarity around what I need to be doing each and every week with my marketing. Michael has really helped me to get results and I’m looking forward to significantly growing my business this year.”
Leonor Urena
Agile Coach and Trainer
Founder of Scrum Mastering llc

“Michael helped me to restructure my offerings and I now have the potential to make an additional $100,000 this year! Before working with Michael my only marketing method was letting my work speak for itself. As you can imagine that didnt get me very far because no one knew about it but my current client. Michael has given me marketing tools that have allowed me to build my business. His approach is systematic and repeatable which gives me the confidence that I will be successful in continuing to acquire more clients. I would say if you are serious about running a successful consulting firm then working with Michael is a must.”
Dauwn Parker
Precision Partners

“I just won another project and received DOUBLE the fee compared to what I would have before. That happened because of Michael’s help. I’m learning new approaches and strategies to grow my business and have no hesitation recommending Michael’s coaching program.”
Greg Van Hyfte, Principal

“I’ve doubled my business in less than 12 weeks. Michael helped me to re-package my offerings and improve my pricing structures which lead to a 40% increase in my fees and I’ve already landed 2 new projects at my new rate and I’m confident many more to come.”
Sonaya Williams, President
Sonaya Williams Group

“I engaged Michael shortly after launching my consulting business, I was looking for help in developing a strategic approach to marketing my offer. I landed over $100,000 in new client business in 7 weeks since getting Michael’s coaching. And I have $11K in monthly retainer revenue as well. As I type this, I am taking a break from the five proposals I am working on for new clients. Not only has Michael put me on track to achieve my earnings goal, he has become truly a trusted advisor. I have the upmost confidence in his strategic process and his tactical plan. Yet, when you layer that with his keen ability assist in providing clarity and supporting confidence, he becomes invaluable. Honestly seeking Michael’s guidance has been one of my best business decisions.”
Elliot Begoun, Principal
Intertwine Group

“Michael Zipursky is a great coach, leader and mentor. His training systems and coaching program have helped me triple my client list, quadruple my revenue. He’s also helped me be more efficient and effective with managing my time. His program has paid huge dividends, and has transformed my business.”
Corrie Banks, President
Triskele Logistics and Consulting

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“Hi Michael, I’ve just landed a new client and now charging 25% more than before! I’d recommend this to anyone that wants to be a successful consultant.”
Ron Jennings, President
Jennings Business Group

“I operate a one-woman consulting business and what you’re providing here is the best I’ve found in getting feedback on issues of concern for me that I have trouble finding answers to anywhere else. Your information just helped me land a client that will pay me in advance for a whole year!!”
Tammy L. Endlish, Owner
Endlish Enterprises LLC”

“Your strategy and approach gave us a 2,000% return on investment…you really know how to get results.”
Greg Samuels, Founder
Cross Border Law

If you’re a consultant and starting your own practice, struggling to get more clients and increase your revenue, or just finding the mental courage or know how, then I highly recommend you connect with Michael at Consulting Success. I’ve been following Michael’s amazing Consulting Success program for a couple years now. I first started applying his amazing free content and instantly saw results. I then immediately purchased the Consulting Success System 2.0 which had propelled me into being considered a viable and reputable consultant in my field. It was such a boost to my confidence which translated into great leads and contracts. I saw so much success, I decided to level up again by investing in the 8 week coaching program. I was able to land $30K in client contracts which easily was more than 3x my investment. I anticipate making so much more throughout the year with the tools that I invested in. It’s a no brainer…if you’ve seen and experienced results after applying any of the Consulting Success practices from his articles or products, then hire Michael as a coach and stop wasting time, like I did. I could’ve made more money a lot earlier in my venture. So don’t make my mistake.
Damien Wilpitz Laboratory Research Consultant
Experimental Design Consulting

I have worked with many top-flight professionals – both consultants and within firms – across several industries and business functions. I myself have significant achievements as a consultant at Fortune 500 companies. Michael rates among the top people I have worked with. Michael guided my thinking in critical marketing areas and the results produced breakthroughs.”
E. Alan Althardt
Althardt Consulting, LLC

I needed crisp marketing assistance to differentiate my company from competitors, strengthen my website content, and understand how to leverage scarce time and financial resources. Michael helped me to focus on the real essentials, take more effective action, and get on track. His insights on “standing out from the crowd”, business development, and how to clearly define my services were outstanding. Michael always encouraged me and held me accountable for accomplishing necessary steps at the same time. Well done!”
Gary A. Kyle, President & CEO
Persistent Agility

“Since starting to work with Michael I’ve made 700% more with a project than I would have before and turned a short one time project into a full year! Not only that, I feel like I have more momentum in my business and marketing than I’ve had in a long time. Plus, this has all happened in less than 5 weeks. I’d recommend working with Michael to anyone that wants to get more momentum in their business and improve their marketing to get more clients.”
Barb Langlois, RN, BSN, MSN
Speaker, Trainer, Writer

“In less than 12 weeks I tripled my revenue working with Michael and as a result of his coaching!”
Amy Deschamps, Owner/Consultant
Success Essentials Dental Consulting

Michael has provided invaluable coaching and insight that has really helped me to develop my business. He’s “been there, done that” and the experience really pays off. It’s been a pleasure working with him, and the experience netted me well in excess of the coaching fees within weeks of beginning. Top notch!
Jeff Griffiths, FCMC FRSA
Griffiths Sheppard Consulting Group Inc.

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There are few people that I know that can surpass what Michael offers to help people grow their business quickly and in a smart way. If you are a consultant you need to, at the very least, read what Michael writes and, even better, hire him right away. I highly recommend him as a coach, advisor, and long-term strategic thinker.
Hugh Culver
Marathon Communications Inc.

Michael Zipursky has guided B2B Marketing Pros for the past 6 months. It has been one of the best investments we have ever made. We modified our business model and our profit margins have increased substantially. Your guidance is imperative in order to reach the next level of business success. We look forward to working with you and Consulting Success in 2015.
Earline Lagueruela, President
B2BMarketing Pros

Michael is a marketing coach with an effective and efficient method for building a lucrative consulting practice. His coaching conversations leave nothing unturned or unsupported and I am continually amazed at Michael’s ability to cut through the chaos of entrepreneurship and outline the next, simple steps to success. There is not an ounce of wasted time in our conversations or in his recommendations. As a mother, wife and 15 year consultant, I value his no-nonsense expertise and wisdom very highly; I have no time to waste and need to support my family, while also finding fulfillment in my work. With Michael on my team, I am guaranteed that will happen. I doubled my fees half way through his program and now have the confidence to start expanding my offerings. I would highly recommend Michael and the Consulting Success programs, it is worth every penny and more.
Shelley Churchill
Churchill Consulting, LLC

Michael is an inspirational consultant and entrepreneur and a great role model for those he helps. He is clearly an excellent and successful consultant. He is equally an excellent and successful business owner. Who better therefore to help consultants who want to set up and build a thriving business. Above everything else, Michael displays some of the most powerful qualities in business – professionalism, helpfulness and generosity. He is a pleasure to work with.
Antoinette Oglethorpe
Antoinette Oglethorpe Limited

Michael is a guru of the modern marketing business. He understands how brands are built and maintained. His business background gives him solid understanding of channels of trade, and he gets how to build a business, and where clients are shopping. He applies practical savvy to problems. The one thing that sets him apart from the crowd of marketing professionals is his lazer-like focus on actual measurable results. I have known Michael for years, worked with him, relied on him for important advice, and have no hesitation recommending him highly.
Kieran Moore, Intellectual Property Counsel
lululemon athletica

Michael is a profoundly insightful marketer and business person. When I’ve been faced with complex business challenges or need a third-party perspective to help me see the “light” amidst the “darkness” of an issue or problem, Michael has always helped me unearth hidden opportunities. He’s also very clever when it comes to identifying innovative yet relevant ways to measure ROI, which can sometimes be hard to isolate. I also have a tremendous amount of respect for Michael as a person, and I’d highly recommend him as a service provider or marketing/business advisor if you’re looking for a true partner that will deliver excellent, measurable results to your business!
Mark Majewski, Vice-President
Concerto Marketing Group

More Recommendations for the Coaching Program
You can also see more recommendations and feedback on Michael’s LinkedIn profile (connect with Michael if you haven’t already)

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Would you like to consistently attract ideal clients and learn how to increase your fees? Book a call with Michael to learn more about this coaching program where he’ll personally help you to grow your business. Book your call with Michael