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Consultants And Their Clients Work Environment

By Consulting Success
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As a professional business consultant, you will be working with your client’s staff and in your client’s place of business. How you handle yourself in this new work environment will impact your effectiveness, the strength of your referral and your ability to procure future work.

Be neat, easy to work with, accessible and aware of the employees around you. As a guest in the workplace, you are welcome but you are also being observed. By the time this project is complete, your client will know your work habits and how company employees respond to you.

Your on-site checklist:

  • Meet and greet staff right away
  • Keep arguments civil and resolve quickly
  • Discuss obstacles and budget issues with clients at scheduled meetings. Avoid springing surprises.
  • Include the client’s staff in project successes
  • Treat meetings with the client like the first meeting
  • Be accessible when the client wants you
  • Thank clients for allowing you to work in the facility
  • When on the client’s premises, only work on that client’s project
  • As the project winds down, do not discuss your next project with employees
  • When your work is done, pack your bags and bid farewell
  • Leave your work area neat

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