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Climbing the Consultants Ladder

In large companies, water usually finds its own level. The savvy consultant needs to be able to show his value through a strong USP and rise above the corporate water level and establish ties with upper echelon corporate decision makers and influential forces.

In small companies, these employees are right in front of the consultant. In larger companies, the consultant will need to patiently identify and locate these power sources. Sometimes, the consultant finds that decisions emanate from surprising places.

While on the project, these decision makers serve you in several ways. They can provide your consulting business with access to much needed information, provide references and reveal upcoming projects. Meanwhile, as you come to understand the corporate structure, you will come to recognize the company’s workings and informational pipeline.

On the way up the corporate ladder, be careful not to lose sight of your goal, which remains the success of your current project. While an ally at or near the top can bring order to your project, your product must go with you as you ascend the ladder. Walk your product and the current project up the ladder. When you have completed your work, make sure the decision makers know the results and your consultancy’s capabilities.


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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