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Consultants Who Speak – Seize the Moment

At social gatherings, people who push their points too hard or interrupt are not received well. People who listen, who speak when they have something to say and who cut through the murky waters and get to the point garner attention. Just like at a party or event after your talk or presentation is over, maximize the return on your performance. Sit back and be an attentive guest.

Acknowledge event organizers. As a speaker and expert, your presence will enhance the after event atmosphere. You must be approachable. This is not a time to dominate the scene. You have built the bridge between you and this audience of prospects. Now, allow your audience to cross the waters and make your acquaintance.

When approached, successful consultants are composed, ready to discuss their presentation on one-on-one terms. When the time is right go ahead and distribute your business card. Your speech and your accessibility are your marketing tools. Let those tools do their work. Be careful not to oversell. Stick to the topic unless asked to go in another direction.

Line Up Your References
Each speech should open the door for the next presentation. Get contact information for all parties who may later serve as a reference. Your consulting firm should maintain a master list of all your speaking engagements. Update the list after each event. Enter all contact information and make sure that announcements of future events are directed to these contacts.

Event organizers and industry leaders should be contacted no less than every six months. In your travels, make observations that you can forward personally to a previous industry connection. As long as the content is newsworthy, these unsolicited “thinking of you” remembrances build strong relationships. Follow through is always a critical element of all components in your consultant marketing plan.

Pump Yourself Up
If you view your one hour speech as an effort, it will come across as a forced, rehearsed effort. These speeches fail. If you regard this speaking opportunity as a terrific, exciting chance to meet new people and generate new leads, your adrenalin will kick in and create positive body language, dialogue and results.

Capitalize on that positive energy by letting it flow. Successful marketing consultants know they cannot be pumped up all the time. Building your presentation and follow through plans will gradually boost your confidence and clarify your path to success. Preceding the event, find a calm spot and get in the mindset. Are you ready to make it happen? Go get ‘em.


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