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Consulting Career What Kind Do You Want?

There are so many kinds of consulting out there these days that it would be impossible to list them all, however, if you are thinking about a consulting career or wanting to get involved in the profession, this article will try and outline some of the more common types of consulting services.

Process Improvement Consulting

Within every organization, there are systems and processes that can be streamlined and improved, to increase productivity and reduce costs. Process improvement consultants spend time within these organizations, observing and analyzing processes and procedures, and suggesting changes, and methods to introduce these changes, that will provide the desired improvements.

Sales and Marketing Consulting

Sales, marketing and branding, in fact, any activities that will improve turnover and revenues, are key to any organizations long-term survival. For that reason, many companies are turning to specialist sales and marketing consultants to improve their bottom line.

Branding and advertising also fall under this banner.

Financial Consultant

Financial consultants advise clients on everything from accounting processes to taxes. A highly specialized field, it often spills over into regulatory and legislative issues relating to all things finance related.

Management Consulting

These consultants get involved in how a company is run. Probably the broadest category of consulting, the observe, analyze and suggest methods by which management can be improved, or methods management can implement to improve, overall productivity and efficiency within an organization.

Legal Consulting

Global business has lead to a growth in this area. It is easier than ever these days for companies to get in hot water! Legal consultants help make sure that organizations comply with regulations and legislation, thereby avoiding costly legal action. They may also be retained to deal with legal action once it has begun.

Human Resource Consultants

Again, labour laws have got a lot more complex these days, and improper handling of any aspect of human resources can result in costly mistakes. By employing external expert human resources consultants, companies avoid the cost and hassle, while also avoiding hiring full time HR professionals.

Internet and IT Consultants

Whether we like it or not, information technology and computers are a fact of life, and business, and they are here to stay. Many companies choose to employ consultants to deal with their IT issues, rather than try to stay up to date with ever changing technologies, and to avoid the cost of hiring full time professionals.

Specific Consultants

Within any organization, there will be processes or procedures that need to be improved or implemented, or advice that must be sought, that the organization lacks in house skills to tackle themselves.

Fortunately for those organizations, there are experts in almost every field, from security, to transport procurement and other fields, that do not fall into the main categories above, but that do provide consulting services.

Consulting, like any business, is a case of supply and demand. The experts, with the skills and experience to do so, supply those skills to the client, whose continued business success demand that they address business issues quickly and efficiently.

By identifying a need, or demand, and supplying the skills and expertise to fill the gap, you to can start and grow a successful consulting concern.


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