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How Consulting Firms Score Points

If consultants do not know how to score the game, you won’t be able to play it successfully. You have structured your marketing plan, developed a sold visual brand identity, charted your marketing road map and instilled dynamic telephone procedures. You are ready to meet with prospects and take on new consulting projects. Kudos!

But before we go too far, you need to make sure you and your consulting company employees fully understand the scoring system in terms of business. The goal of the marketing plan is to promote your product and value in such a way that leads are generated. Your marketing plan is not about sales; it is about lead generation and every marketing action needs to be rated.

To determine the effectiveness of your marketing plan and road map, you need to track the leads generated by every marketing exercise. When you speak at an industry event, track the results. If they are not up to standards, analyze your material and delivery. Develop better material and become a more engaging speaker. Do whatever it takes to increase the leads. Subject every marketing activity to the same scoring system.

Constantly Update
“If you build it, they will come.” If you build a consistent business marketing plan, the targeted clients will come. If you build a compelling, informative industry web presence, prospects will come. If you stay current and post regularly, those clients will keep visiting and eventually they will become clients.

Just as your consulting practice needs to scrutinize lead generation, you need to be consistent and current in your marketing delivery. Follow through on every marketing opportunity. Stress to all consulting employees the importance of this follow through.

Structure Reviews
On your marketing road map, set aside a meeting every two months to review your leads, the effectiveness of your chosen venues and the viability of your road map. Make these meetings proactive and encourage input from all sources.

Keep co-workers in the loop and in the know by furnishing statistical analysis and accurate lead numbers. Everyone likes recognition, so be sure to acknowledge individual and corporate successes.

Encourage feedback and recommendations from all co-workers. Allow enough time for this meeting to establish its importance. Use charts, throw out new ideas, encourage co-workers to respond.

While the marketing plan and road map are your creations, they will not work unless all parties are on message. The more engaged your co-workers become in the marketing process, the greater the program’s success will be. Do not just let it happen; rather make it happen.


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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