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Consulting Company Names: Is It Time To Rethink Yours?


Questions and search queries regarding how to name a consultancy are definitely popular at this blog and also in marketing and business conversations in general.

Why is there so much talk about naming and also why is it so hard to come up with good names for your business ventures?

Do your family, friends, and clients know your consultancy’s name? If none of them have a clue or they always mess it up then it may be time to re-consider.

There are a bunch of reasons your name might not be that great. You started your company quickly and didn’t really give it too much thought at that time. You used your last name which is easy for you and your grandma to say but hard for others to pronounce and spell. Or maybe you came up with a “cool” name but slowly realized it wasn’t as hip as you first thought.

It’s all good, a poor naming choice can happen to all of and it usually does at one point or another in our business careers. *Side note: This website used to be known as Business Consulting Buzz but switched to for naming and branding purposes; I’ll get into that in a future post.

Don’t Get Too Attached

As they say in Buddhism “Don’t get too attached to objects”. I’m not a Buddhist and won’t get religious on you but when it comes to naming if you have a bad name it may be time to let it go and move on!

Too many business owners know they have a poor name but due to all the effort it would take them to switch things over they hang on to that name.

Veteran marketing professional, author, and consultant Al Reis says “There are many, many consultants out there with names as bad as Lifshitz, but in my experience they almost never change their names. Tragic.”

5 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Consulting Name

If you’ve been thinking about your business name for a while but not sure if you should change it or not I’ve come up with a list of questions below you can ask yourself or others close to you and see what kind of answers come back to you.

  1. Is your name easy for others to spell?
    This can mean you email address, your URL (website address), etc. One clue is if people often ask you to spell the name or repeat it so they can get it right.
  2. Is it memorable?
    Do your family, friends, and clients know your consultancy’s name? If none of them have a clue or they always mess it up then it may be time to re-consider.
  3. Can most people pronounce it?
    When you meet new people and potential clients do they have trouble pronouncing your company name? If they do that’s not a good sign.
  4. Do you own the domain name?
    Is you company name completely different from your domain name online? We see this lot and you need to fix this. Your company and domain name should be the same if not very similar. This also applies to social media are you able to get your name or something very similar or Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter?
  5. What happens when you type it into Google?
    When you type your company name into Google do you come up first or near the top? Or do other companies and people come up way before you? If so, that’s not a good thing and it might be time for a name change.

A Good Example

As part of our new service where we offer professional websites for consultants we recently finished a project and we found a great example of making a proper name change. The clients company is called Precision Partners but the old website and domain name was – a bit confusing right?

Our client understood that her old name was hard to say and remember so she decided to get another domain name to match her company name and the new site can be found at – Now her website address matches her company name perfectly and it’s a lot easier to say, read, and remember!


Naming is definitely a tough one and there is no quick fix or solution to having a winning name for your business and brand.

Hopefully this article gets you thinking a little about if a name change is due for you and in future articles we can look at methods on how to come up with a good name and examples of winning names.

If you are looking for help with your consulting brand, naming, and potentially a new website please do get in touch with me here and until next time keep working hard and thank you for checking out this article. Would love to hear you thoughts on naming in the comments below!

Sam-Zipursky-Bio-PicThis article was written by Sam Zipursky who is the branding and design director of He heads up our Professional Websites for Consultants program and is an expert in design, internet business, and brand strategy.


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