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Invest Yourself in Your Consulting Marketing Plan

By Consulting Success
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So your consulting marketing plan is ready and has been skillfully crafted. The plan is a reflection on your ability to assess the marketplace, structure an attack plan and follow through with the implementation. This can be tedious work. Like many consultants, you will be wearing more than one hat at all times.

In 2007, management, scientific and technical consulting services generated $160.3 billion in income in the U.S. alone. This figure increased by 3% from 2006. Although the 2008 economy is reeling, the demand for expert consultants may rise even further. The business consulting field will be more competitive than ever in 2008.

The implementation of your marketing plan will show your resolve. Results may be sporadic. One day’s hectic activity may be followed by periods of quiet. Even a flawless marketing plan needs consistent follow through. In fact, a high energy implementation plan is what will determine the success of your plan and your consulting business.

Be Patient

Test your plan. Track the results and encourage feedback. Make careful observations about the plan’s direction and possible modifications. If results trickle in, do not panic. Have confidence in your plan and continue your marketing efforts in the slow periods. Every six months, scrutinize and review your direction. Do not over-react, but always be ready to improve.

One of the ironies of a consulting business is that many prospective buyers ask the same questions and have the same concerns. As implementation of your plan moves forward, make sure these repetitious concerns are addressed within the scope of your plan.

Be Creatively Focused

Large consulting firms invest heavily in their marketing plans. They are on top of the trends and statistics and are constantly developing new strategies to attract your clients. To compete, you must stay ahead of the game. Your message must be presented constructively, creatively and concisely. Buyers are not looking for standardized presentations. Be creative, get their attention and once you have it, do not let go. Your marketing plan calls for you to gain clients, not accolades. Each new client is a step in the right direction.

Be Prudent

You are prepared to invest your time, money and energy. Never lose sight of that commitment. When you spend money, spend wisely and get the return on your investment. When you invest time, be organized. Maximize the return on your time. Never lose sight of the fact that your time is money. Make sure all your investments deliver the right message and are packed with positive energy.

Be Flexible

One of the advantages you control is your flexibility. Do not deviate from your plan but be prepared to see the trends and adjust accordingly. Beef up the winning concepts and pare the ideas that are lacking. Know your numbers and they will point the way.

Be Passionate

Every entrepreneurial endeavor requires passion. Your consulting business and marketing plan are no different. Buyers interpret a lack of passion as a lack of enthusiasm. Nobody pays for unenthusiastic advice. You must be passionate about providing consulting services to your buyers. This passion must be at the root of your consulting business. Your buyers want to see that you are passionate and committed to their success. Show them you mean business.

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