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Consulting Sales for the Elite Consultant

By Michael Zipursky
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Once I was consulting with a client who told me about a sales incentive they ran years ago. It worked well. They broke sales records. They were ecstatic at the results.

I asked, “So, why did you stop running that incentive?”

They looked at me kind of puzzled. Scratched their heads. Then shrugged.

Why stop running a program if it gets you results?

Why stop investing in something if it provides you with a great return?

You might read this story and say, “That’s foolish. Of, course I’d keep investing in something until it stopped working.”

But you’d be surprised how many times companies stop doing something even when it’s still working.

In fact, salespeople have a “joke” phrase that they use to describe this phenomenon.

“It worked so well that we stopped doing it.”

Here’s the consulting version of that…

“Yes, since we started investing in this coaching program we’ve grown our revenues by 30%. But we have so many ideas that we haven’t implemented, that we’re going to stop paying for the coaching and just implement.”

“It’s working so well that we’re going to stop doing it.”

That’s NOT what I call the “Elite Consulting Mindset.”

The Elite Consulting Mindset looks like this…

We had our best year ever last year, adding hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue, and I’m very excited for the growth we’ll experience this year! I’ve worked as part of large consulting companies and consulted for some of the world’s biggest businesses. When it came to growing my own consulting business (Michael’s) coaching program was a clear fit. I’ve invested a significant amount of money to work with Michael and his team and I continue to. It’s been a great investment.”

– Jitendra (JT) Badiani, Toronto

JT and his team have also got lots of ideas from our coaching program that they have not implemented yet.

They could pull the “It’s working so well we’re going to stop doing it” excuse.

But they know that elite consultants keep investing until that investment stops paying off.

If you have that mindset, you might be a good fit for our coaching as well.

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