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Consulting Skills or Twitter Skills? Make Sure You Have Both

By Sam Zipursky
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Are you using Twitter as part of your marketing strategy for your consulting business? Well recently I’ve gotten more and more into Twitter. For a while I must admit I kind of wrote it off and asked myself things like “do I really need another social media account?” Or “Will I just end up wasting time sending out messages or tweets all day long?” Well I got over that initial skepticism and for the last few weeks I have really enjoyed using it to connect with new and old acquaintances and just have fun sending out various updates, thoughts I’m having, or links I think others may find useful.

Well the more and more you start using Twitter and just hanging around the whole social media environment and blogosphere you start to realize something. Many “professionals” are sending out tweets every few minutes or half hour, basically constantly and around the clock. Now lots of these tweets are very interesting, have cool quotes or useful links for the rest of us but it makes me wonder about a couple of things?

a) When are they doing their focused consulting work?
b) Are they as good at consulting as they are at writing messages on Twitter?

Now don’t get me wrong here. I fully agree that all consultants need a solid social marketing strategy that will probably include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and much more but I just want to throw this question into the air for us all to think about:

  • Are you good at consulting?
  • Are you good at using Twitter often?
  • Are you good at both?

Something to think on…I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on this!

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