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Get the Word Out: Consulting Speaking Opportunities

A business or marketing consultant that masters new technologies or business strategies, thinks outside the box and can deliver a powerful twist on relevant content will be in high demand for speaking at events. The majority of industry speakers are veterans who have been heard before. Like the news media, companies and organizations are constantly seeking new voices to provide new insight.

Referrals are still the best way for consultants to land a speaking engagement, but your marketing plan calls for direct action to make events happen. Contact the industry associations in your field of expertise. Provide these groups with polished media kits and be sure to mention any connection you have to any of the group members. Also be sure to include any other experience related to speeches, teaching classes, or mentoring people.

Some companies or individuals might hire a pr consultant to help them hook up public speaking opportunities. Part of the consultant’s fee may include costs related to the development of a video and a promotional brochure. They will also research coming events and try and get you in contact with the organizers of those events.

You can and should also be using your blog or website to talk about your availability for speaking engagements. It is helpful to post videos of any speaking you have done in the past and even video blog posts that you might have released with your webcam.

After You’ve Been Booked
Now that you have been booked, employ your basic marketing strategy. Always do your homework. Many speakers believe the success of each speech is directly related to their previous knowledge of the audience.

Event organizers want you to succeed. They will gladly share information about the audience’s demographics, the theme of the event and the sequential order of presentations at the event. You should always know what other speakers are scheduled and who you will precede and who you will follow. This information should be used to shape your presentation and to make you comfortable with your audience.

Get the Word Out
Speeches are live opportunities to show your stuff. Most event organizers will be happy to accommodate your guests. Consultants should invite existing clients and prospects to hear their presentations. Post the info on your blog, website, and social networks. Send out an email to your list. You can even do a press release if it’s a big enough event that you are going to be presenting at.


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  1. This is great — thank you! I teach a web design course at UCSB and have had a few recent speaking engagements, which I very much enjoy. This is great info on how to get more speaking opportunities, and how to be successful with the ones you have.

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