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Consulting Success Is Yours for the Taking

Friends and readers. There really is something you should know about the world of consulting.

Many people may not tell you this…but it’s very important that you know.

Becoming a successful consultant doesn’t happen overnight.

I know a lot of websites and marketing “gurus” will make success sound easy and so close within reach.

The reality is quite different…yet that doesn’t mean you should give up.

The life of a consultant isn’t always easy. Life sure knows how to throw its punches and you’re definitely within arms length of getting slugged a few times.

HOWEVER, don’t be discouraged. The world is filled with naysayers and they’ll tell you how running a business yourself is too dangerous. That the comfort of a 9-5 job as an employee is stable and safe.

I think it’s become quite clear that that isn’t the case anymore.

The journey to success isn’t an easy one…

But if, and it’s a BIG IF, you’re serious about making it in this game the rewards can be huge.

The day you open your mail to find 5-figure checks coming in like clockwork will put all of those hard days into the past. And the only way to get there is not to give up and keep pushing forward.

Some people might say that the consulting business is simple – but that just isn’t always the case.

You may not be making as much as you’d like. Down the road you will.

You have to pay to learn new skills and strategies. Soon people will be paying you to teach them.

There’s no such thing as an overnight business and that’s what you’re building, right? A business.

Keep pushing. Success is just around the corner. And remember the time and focus you put it now will pay big dividends later.

Go on, you can do it!


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3 thoughts on “Consulting Success Is Yours for the Taking

  1. Thanks, Michael for saying what most people with a GRQ attitude don't want to hear!
    There is so much "noise" out there for ways to "do it" fast. I think people need lessons on how to "see through" the hype of the websites and marketing “gurus” and find the weakness they are hiding.
    The reality is you have to know your own goal/ end point, then plan and do the steps you alone can take.
    No matter what, a brick and mortar retail business (my last 18 yrs), a class/event, or a proposal (which is an idea on paper), each has a unique purpose, voice and way to get it done successfully. It is only when something is successfully done that it IS successful! Duh, eh?
    Now on to my next steps!

    • Elsa – no doubt. I'd like to see fewer people claiming they are gurus and more people sharing the truth. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Alfredo Giordano says:

    I know you held back your words, I am trying to start a consulting business in the DC metro area and so far it has been three months and I have what I think is everything in place and I can’t seem to tie in a name and url for the business.

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