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Don't Miss the Consulting Workshop: Master The Consulting Proposal years">

Consulting Workshop: Master The Consulting Proposal

Learn how to win high-value consulting projects with this proven and easy-to-write proposal process.

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A Fast, Stress-Free Process

Stop wasting your time, energy, and effort on proposals that clients put in the “we’ll get back to you” pile — and boost your proposal win rate to 60-70%+.

I met with a couple of CEOs and both asked for a proposal on the next stage of work. Within 3 days I had a confirmed project that was for $55k and a verbal yes on another for $33.5k."

Doug Nelson
Doug Nelson, Social Sector Board & CEO Expert
Past President BC Cancer Foundation

Proven Template That’s Generated Millions

Get our exact 9-part proposal template that has generated millions of dollars in consulting revenues for both us and our clients.

In a matter of weeks, with help re-structuring my offerings so I can serve multiple clients at once, I added $10k/mo to my business. This has been a very positive investment!"

Lyn Lebeau
Lyn Lebeau
White Water Consulting, Ontario
Former Sr. Accountant, KPMG LLP

Charge More, Win More

Learn how to handle the pre-proposal conversation and how to present your proposal on a call to drastically increase your win rate — and fees.

Structuring proposals in a way that reduces my workload while enabling me to charge significantly more is now the new normal.

Amir A. Nasr
Amir A. Nasr
Founder, AssertiveU Media Inc

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Before The Proposal: Why the most important part of the proposal process is what happens BEFORE you even begin writing…
  • Meaningful Conversations: Learn how to master the conversation with your client that leads to the verbal agreement...
  • Communicating Your Advantage: Position yourself as the client’s trusted advisor — and beat out other (bigger) firms...
  • Proposal Formula: The 9 sections of a rock-solid, business-winning proposal... Speed Up Your Proposal Process: Get your proposals done quick — and avoid writing lengthy “agreements”...
  • Presenting Your Proposal: Why you should NEVER just send your proposal via email and wait for a response…
  • Imperfect Action: A proposal challenge for you to level up your proposal skills...
  • Proposal Critiques and Q&A: We’ll get specific about your proposals and questions...

I recently participated in Michael’s ‘Mastering the Consulting Proposal’ workshop; it was best 3 hours I’ve invested in, in ages. The presentation, the content, the 9-step process and the proposal template were excellent. Indeed, the Consulting Success proposal template alone is worth the investment. Michael’s live review of my current proposal template was a real bonus. The key for me was how a well-prepared proposal fits into an overall business-winning process, with the pre-proposal stage, the most important. Also, that a proposal should offer the customer three product or service options to choose from, not just one. Great stuff! There’s no doubt, more jobs will be won at premium rates using this process.

Peter Fitzgerald
Peter Fitzgerald
Advisor, Trusted Tradies

Why Consulting Success?

Undeniable Results:
We’ve helped 600+ consultants start & grow profitable consulting businesses.

For Consultants, By Consultants:
Our programs are built specifically for consultants — by real consultants.

Practice What We Preach:
We teach what we use (and what works) in our own business.

Get Our Process For Writing 6 and 7 Figure Proposals

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