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Don't Miss the Productized Consulting Offers Wprkshop

Consulting Workshop: Productized Consulting Offers

Learn how to turn your custom consulting services into productized offers that are faster and easier to sell and deliver.

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Speed Up The Sales Process

Bypass difficult sales conversations, stressful price negotiation, and writing lengthy proposals by creating productized offers that are easier to market and sell.

I used the exact method taught in this workshop to quickly create and sell an extremely profitable offer. Out of the six offers I’ve made, I’ve successfully sold 5. This workshop is a must for consultants who are tired of creating, pitching, and delivering highly custom and unique solutions for every client — and wants to create something repeatable, iterative, and productized.”

Tsavo Neal
Tsavo Neal
Product Designer & Author, Tsavo Neal Consulting
Lead Content Strategist & Consulting Success®

Deliver Your Services With Ease

Create an offer with a fixed price, fixed set of deliverables, and fixed schedule to create a more predictable and profitable consulting business.

I just wanted to let you know that the two day proposal writing intensive you did last month was amazing. Ialready teach proposal writing and I win 100% of the proposal I send; however, the winning information that you had about the three pricing options was the game changer for me. I was able to close 3 clients with option 3. I only had one price before since we already discussed it and I already closed them before I would send out the proposal. But when I sent over the proposals this time, I added option 1 (which we already closed on) but adding those other two options that we didn't discuss but added more value was what I was missing. So a $20,000 proposal ended up being a $50,000 deal due to the extra options.”

Bianca Shellie-Robinson
Bianca Shellie-Robinson
MBA, PMP Managing Partner @ Cayden Cay Consulting

Build Your First Productized Offer

On the workshop, you’ll learn how to build, validate, and sell your first productized offer — and add another revenue stream to your business.

I began my consulting company roughly 18 months ago. I recently participated in the Magnetic Messaging offered by Michael Zipursky of Consulting Success. The workshop teaches the importance of developing a message designed to attract IDEAL clients. Over a two-day period we had the chance to build and rebuild our message. It was valuable to listen to Michael work through the process “hands-on” with several of us individually. I found a great deal of value in taking quality time in developing the core idea of what I do best and the problems that I solve for my clients. It was then that the messaging I needed became much clearer. I highly recommend the Magnetic Messaging Workshop for anyone looking to ditch the ineffective shotgun approach of attracting potential clients and replace it with a highly targeted rifle approach to attracting IDEAL clients."

Ron Janowczyk
Ron Janowczyk
Pursuit Wine Advisors, LLC

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • What Is Productized Consulting? (& Why You Should Offer It): Why EVERY consultant should create a productized offer
  • Examples of Productized Offers: See examples of successful productized offers to model
  • The Secret To Successful Productized Offers: Best practices to give your offer the best chance of success
  • Developing Your Productized Offer Concept: Step-by-step worksheet to create your first productized offer concept
  • Validating Your Offer Concept: Make sure your clients want to purchase your offer — and how to price it
  • Imperfect Action: Create your offer first productized offer concept live on the call
  • Offer Critiques and Q&A: Get your questions answered about your productized consulting and your offer concept

Michael helped me to restructure my offerings and I now have the potential to make an additional $100,000 this year! Before working with Michael my only marketing method was letting my work speak for itself. As you can imagine that didn’t get me very far because no one knew about it but my current client. Michael has given me marketing tools that have allowed me to build my business. His approach is systematic and repeatable which gives me the confidence that I will be successful in continuing to acquire more clients. I would say if you are serious about running a successful consulting firm then working with Michael is a must."

Dauwn Parker
Dauwn Parker
Founder, Precision Partners

Why Consulting Success?

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We’ve helped 600+ consultants start & grow profitable consulting businesses.

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Our programs are built specifically for consultants — by real consultants.

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We teach what we use (and what works) in our own business.

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