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Crisis Management Consulting: Interview & Book Review With Jonathan Bernstein

A couple of weeks ago I received a review copy of Jonathan Bernstein’s new book, “The Managers Guide to Crisis Management.” Thanks to McGraw Hill for sending that.

Crisis management is a topic that many misunderstand or don’t understand at all. We typically assume this field offers little benefit to us, unless we are a mega corporation.

Through reading Jonathan’s book, it became clear that really isn’t the case and that Crisis Management comes in all shapes and sizes…and that it is relevant to the small business and consultant.

Here’s how Jonathan defines Crisis Management in his book…

It’s the art of avoiding trouble when you can, and reacting appropriately when you can’t.

I enjoyed the book and reached out to Jonathan for an interview. You can listen to the interview here:

(Playing time: 44 min)

In this interview Jonathan shares:

  • How consultants and small businesses can benefit from it.
  • Why he left a lucrative job at a large PR consulting firm to become a Crisis Management consultant.
  • How he lands his clients and what has been most effective in his marketing.
  • His approach to priving his services.
  • And when you encounter a crisis, (and you will at one time or another), what NOT to do.
  • All that and more…

For More on Jonathan and His Book

Jonathan’s latest book, The Manager’s Guide to Crisis Management is sold online and at major bookstores. More information on Jonathan and his company at Bernstein Crisis Management.


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7 thoughts on “Crisis Management Consulting: Interview & Book Review With Jonathan Bernstein

  1. Thank you and Jonathan for a very insightful interview. I always find it useful to hear how successful consultants started out. In the future it would be helpful if you could provide the total playing time for recorded interviews so we can schedule the needed time to hear all of it at once.

    • Bart – glad you enjoyed the interview and what Jonathan shared. Nice suggestion on the audio playing time – now added.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jonathan, I’ve been enjoying reading your blog recently – although I’m not a consultant myself, we do consulting work for our small business customers. This was a great interview, and I’m looking forward to picking up the book on Amazon (kindle edition of course). It seems like crisis can negatively impact small businesses even more than big business, since we don’t have the resources to withstand them like big business does. Thanks again for the great interview.

  3. Austen says:

    Great interview. Ordered a copy of this book as it may be an area I’d like to pursue. Thank you.

  4. Interesting guide. Every manager should get a hold of it in order to be able to prevent his company for going into a crisis. The quota is inspiring. It’s a good thing for a company to be able to evade a crisis with utmost care, or avoid entering the crisis in the first place. But it all comes down to the decisions their managers take.

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