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Day in the Life of a Successful Consultant


I’ve been asked by several consultants in my coaching program how I get so much done?

I start the day with a clear plan. I have everything that needs to get accomplished during the day written down and I prioritize to start with the most important.

How I run two growing companies and manage to maintain freedom and a great lifestyle.

So before I share with you my thoughts on that, here’s what yesterday looked like for me, and it’s quite a typical day.

  • I’m up and at the gym just after 6am for a short morning workout.
  • Come back, breakfast, shower, refresh, and some morning reading.
  • We processed several thousand dollars in payments from clients.
  • Just before 8am I started to write two articles for
  • Had a coaching call with a client in my coaching program.
  • Two sales calls. One new client signed up and the other will decide tomorrow.
  • Around noon I have a quick lunch.
  • For the next 1.5 hrs I was on a group coaching call with my clients.
  • Around 2pm I went for a swim.
  • At 3:15 I went for my one hour massage.
  • I called back a prospective client who joined my coaching program and processed their payment for several thousand dollars.
  • Throughout the day our businesses are making sales.
  • Around 6pm I sent a few more emails and wound the day down.
  • Had dinner and then read until 8pm.
  • Decided to watch a movie based on the true story of power, politics and crime in the Philippines.
  • Read in bed for 30-40mins before going to sleep.

That was yesterday and it’s a fairly typical day for me.

Back to the question asked “How do you get so much done?”

I have a great team. We have business systems in place so that key aspects of each business are running without my involvement.

This allows me to stay focused on the areas where I can provide the greatest value to our clients and my readership and community. That is working with clients and my coaching students to help them grow their businesses, writing, giving presentations and charting out our marketing and business plans

I start the day with a clear plan. I have everything that needs to get accomplished during the day written down and I prioritize to start with the most important.

I make sure to take time throughout the day for exercise and to refresh. Which allows me to stay focused and get more done quickly when I come back to it.

Hopefully that gives you some insight into how I run an average day.

Happy to answer any questions just post them in the comments below and I’ll reply.


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8 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Successful Consultant

  1. Romel says:

    If I am a under graduate medicine student, and I am now studying and staying in emergency unit in a hospital whole day, but I am a social media and creative consultsnt too,
    How can I do that just like yours?

  2. Jeff Griffiths, CMC says:

    Good article Mike – it’s ALL about the systems that you can put in place. Most consultants (myself included) are still at the “I do everything myself” stage – Alan Weiss said it best I think (and I’ll try to paraphrase): “now that you’ve left the corporate world and are on your own, are you sure you have a better boss than you had before?”

    • Awesome Jeff – great share and let’s get those systems in place for you!

  3. Barry Oates says:

    What a great article and so very true to business life.

  4. There certainly is no need to over work.. there is enough time in this world to get organized and start and end the day wisely is all going by the right principles in work and life..

  5. Get so much done in your work and life that people start to wonder.. you will see that from my posts on all social networks how I make changes to the world just by sharing posts.. Also I do share my ideas and insights with top management consulting firms worldwide.. Connected with the World to make a difference..

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