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Dealing with Setbacks: Comebacks Book Review

We all face setbacks in our lives at one point or another. That’s pretty much a given and should come as no surprise.

What shapes us and sets one person from another apart is how we deal with these challenging times.

Some choose to stick their heads in the sand … and others take the hit, brush off the dirt and get back to ‘business’.

However, it’s not as simple as that, is it? How people deal with setbacks is an area I’ve found interesting for quite some time.

That’s why I was happy to accept a review copy of the new book “Comebacks” by Andrea Redmond and Patricia Crisafulli.

I’ve just finished reviewing it and wanted to share my thoughts on it with you…

Comebacks profiles 10 leaders who faced serious setbacks in their careers and lives and chronicles how they dealt with them.

These include:

  • David Neeleman, who created Jet Blue Airways.
  • David Pottruck, CEO of Charles Schwab.
  • Patricia Dunn, CEO of Barclays Blobal Investors.
  • Christopher Galvin, CEO of Motorola.
  • Herbert “Pug” Winokur, on the board of Enron.
  • Harry M. Jansen Kraemer, Jr, Baxter International.
  • Jacques “Jac” Nasser, Ford.
  • Durk Jager, Procter & Gamble (P&G).
  • Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan.
  • Dale Dawson, KPMG.

Here’s why I think you’ll enjoy this book:
It’s written as a set of stories. There’s no heavy theory to get through. It’s like sitting down with the authors and hearing how these 10 business leaders handled being at the top of the ladder one minute and knocked off it completely the next.

More importantly, this book provides what all independent consultants are after: guidance.

As most of us work alone or within a small team we’re constantly encountering unique situations. We then look for suggestions and recommendations on how to deal with these issues.

Comebacks provides lessons from these ten leaders and suggests how we can overcome and bust through those roadblocks that pop up in challenging times.

As each setback you encounter may be unique, the 10 perspectives in this book give you an arsenal of ideas and deep understanding into what others have gone through and how you can be prepared. That way when you get knocked down, you’ll be much quicker to get back on your feet.

Comebacks can be found on Amazon and is published by Jossey Bass.


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