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Defining Consulting Success: Consultant vs. Client

Are you and your client measuring success the same way?

In my early years as a consultant my idea of success was often quite different than that of my client.

When you’re an expert, your mind revolves around your area of specialization. To you, there are many elements that influence success.

In marketing these can be finding out what advertising is not working and which is. Getting rid of ineffective promotions. Increasing the number of leads. Improving conversions … and the list goes on.

To the client, however, they may only care about the bottom line sales.

Often times in your role as the consultant your influence won’t stretch over every part of your client’s business.

In the case above, maybe additional sales weren’t made … but a huge increase in leads was.

In your eyes, your work is a success. In your client’s eyes however … that may be a different thing.

And that’s not good.

You must ensure that you and your client are on the same page. That you both define what success means.

That way you’ll be working towards the same goal and can focus on reaching the right kind of success.


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