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Defining Your Practice with Strategy

There is a reason why you decided to venture into business consulting, isn’t there? Something that sets you apart. A level of knowledge that’s uncommon or remarkable. On the other hand, maybe years of experience.

With so much competition out there these days, it’s not enough to merely be good at what you do – you need to be remarkable. You need to stand out from the crowd. Then, you need to let people know what makes you different.

Because you are just a small fish in a very big sea when you launch into the fast growing profession of consulting, whatever your niche may be, there will almost definitely be someone who is already offering the same, or a similar service.

Not only that, but with technological advances, and the world truly becoming a global village, companies have more choice than ever when it comes to solving whatever problem they may have. So not only are you competing against other consultants, you are competing against technologies too, and any other product or service that solves the same problem you do.

However, how do you go about figuring out just what it is that makes you unique? How do you figure out what your edge is so that you can exploit it.

Market Research
A good idea would be to canvas companies you know use a similar service – whether your own clients or not. Find out what they liked about the service, what they disliked, and what they would like to see in future.

Information Analyses
Gather these pieces of information together, and draw up a checklist of what you are doing, what you should not do, and what might be an idea to implement, to give you a unique edge.

Once you’ve narrowed down the possibilities, you should have a pretty good idea of what makes excellent service, and how you can make your service stand out.

Taking these pieces of information, it should be easy to implement a plan to make sure that your company offers excellent service, with a few unique or remarkable features, that set you apart, whether it be that you are on call 24 hours a day, or that you offer a money back guarantee, anything unique is memorable.

Even if offering services for free to charitable organizations is the only thing you can think of, or maybe training underprivileged students at a reduced rate, that is still pretty unique in this capitalist world we live in.

Start Marketing!
Once it’s been implemented, make sure that you market your unique offerings to clients. Let them know why you’re special. In addition, keep a record of what clients have to say about your service – word of mouth, and customer referrals like these, can do wonders for your business.

Competing in a global economy, in a fast growing sector like consulting is tricky at best. Giving yourself the edge of being unique and memorable is a big step towards making your consulting business a success.

Figure out what sets you apart, and then make it a prominent feature of your business, in marketing and other aspects of your business. The truth is, even if there’s nothing unique about your business right now, except for you, you can still make it remarkable.


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