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Web 2.0 Design Principles Explained

The other day I was doing some research for a current web design project I’m working on in the floor cleaning industry and came across an interesting website – Innovatech Products.

My goal was to find other websites with clear typography and a “Web 2.0” design feeling and Innovatech’s website fit the bill. After breaking down the successful design elements being used I figured I’d write a small blog post to let you know what I thought made it a successful Web 2.0 design.

Clean Sans-Serif Fonts
In Web 2.0 designs the use of clean, sans-serif fonts are very popular. For graphic fonts Helvetica and Myriad Pro work very well and for HTML fonts usually Verdana and Arial work great. With this website it looks to me like they’re using a combination of Verdana for HTML and Helvetica in their graphic fonts.

Large Headers of Text
Another common trait of good Web 2.0 design is the use of large text for headers. Once again they do a great job in this area. If you look at the image below you’ll see nice bold and clear fonts and the use of yellow to make key words stand out. They have also used a bigger font for featured products which always makes products stand out.

Use of Gradients
If you haven’t already noticed, in well designed Web 2.0 websites using gradients has become very popular. Sometimes gradients are overused and too strong but on this website the designer is using gradients sparingly and it looks great in places like the logo and on all the various buttons throughout the website.

Clear Call to Action
This last point is both good design and good marketing but the designer had made the toll free number very prominent and really stand out. How have they done this? By having it placed in the top right corner of all pages throughout and making it into a yellow color and big font so it’s not only easy to read but it always stands out.

All in all this is a great example of a flooring company coming up with a great Web 2.0 website design. The flooring industry might not seem the most exciting but the design consultant has obviously used fonts, images, colours, gradients, and shadows to come up with a successful design here.

What kind of design elements do you think make a great website design?


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