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Does It Help Make a Consulting Sale?

I have the above statement printed on a piece of paper and placed on one of the walls in my office.

It’s in front of me every day.

I can’t escape it. And that’s a good thing.

My week is usually quite hectic. I could take it easier but I still push myself each and every day to build the businesses I’m involved in.

I’ve written on the Consultants Build Syndrome, a danger many consultants face throughout their careers. Especially in the early stages…

I keep this along with other reminders and inspirational quotes that help me stay focused close by at all times.

This statement and the key question at the bottom of it “Does it help make a sale?” is critical to my success. And it’s critical to yours too.

My week is usually quite hectic. I could take it easier but I still push myself each and every day to build the businesses I’m involved in. That’s my style and for now I can’t really imagine it any other way.

And this question keeps me focused. If I’m considering starting a new project, or spending 30 minutes ‘researching’ something I’ll often find myself looking over at this question.

If the answer is “yes, it will help me make a sale and generate profits for my company” then I’ll move forward. If the answer is “no” then I’ll stop or consider how it might lead to a sale.

I encourage you to print and place key questions and statements around your office and look to them throughout the day to keep you on track.

And yes, always ask yourself this question, “Does it help make a sale?”

PS. Do you have any statements like this or quotes that you look to on a regular basis? Let me know in the comments below.


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8 thoughts on “Does It Help Make a Consulting Sale?

  1. Islam says:

    I think i am asking my self these questions
    Is it ethical?
    does it worth on the long run?
    why am i doing this? for money, to add new experience, to add new customer, or any other value except the money itself

  2. Thanks Michael for the inspiration. I appreciate your laser focus. For us at BizEnrich, our inspirational wallpaper reads like this:

    * Be Yourself
    * Build Networks
    * Add Value
    * Touch Lives
    * Stay Open

    These comprise our Referral-Centric Marketing Mindset. They are a priority with every interaction in our business lives AND they are relevant while we get work, do work and account for work.

  3. Victoria Love says:

    My question is: “Are you birthing something of value right now, Victoria?”

    • Victoria – that’s a great question to ask. Delivering value is key : )

  4. I am going to add here that I understand some people may feel that having a focus on “making a sale” is too hardcore and that focusing on money is the wrong approach. So I want to clarify this… With every project, delivering value is key (I agreed with Victoria in the comments). Ensuring clients are delighted is also incredibly important. So too is aligning your work with your values and beliefs.

    All of that stuff is required.
    Yet I feel one of the biggest dangers many of us face is becoming overloaded with options, ideas, and doing ‘stuff’ because ‘doing’ makes us feel good…the problem is that when you’re growing a business, simply ‘doing stuff’ isn’t enough. Landing new clients and earning revenue and profit is the critical piece and needs to be at the forefront of your mind at all times.

  5. Rumaizon says:

    It depends on what is the value you want to install in your organization. No right or wrong here. if sale is what you want, sale it is you will get.

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