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Doesn’t Always Pay to Wait In Business

By Sam Zipursky
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Well Michael Zipursky, my good cousin and also co-author here at Consulting Success® deserves a bit of credit and a pat on the back. He’s a humble guy so I figured I’d write this post to share some of his work with you folks, the readers of this blog. Really hope he’s not mad…

Hopefully some of you have already noticed through reading Consulting Success® but Mike is a great writer and apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way. Yesterday on Monday the 18th he did a guest article entitled: Guy Kawasaki Says It’s Okay To Be Crappy over at the very popular Talent Zoo website ( Now this is a well respected website and for him to have made it to the front page I think he deserves a congratulations!

The article dives into some of the key concepts he picked up while attending a presentation by the famous business cat Guy Kawasaki. It’s a good read and the main point I take from the article is to stop waiting around, planning and perfecting all of your business ideas. Get them out there. See what works, what doesn’t, and then improve on ideas that are working or just drop ones that don’t and move onto the next. You can do all the planning, reading, and thinking in the world but unless you take action and start moving on your less then perfect ideas success and life may very well pass you by.

Good work Mike!

One thought on “Doesn’t Always Pay to Wait In Business

  1. Sam thanks!

    It was a fun one to write and the presentation that Guy gave at a local charity event was inspiring.

    Here’s another article that Talent Zoo published a while back ( it’s entitled What if Google Died? and for anyone that relies on Google Adwords, SEO and online marketing to support their business (many of us), it may be an enjoyable read.

    I’d appreciate any feedback on these from everyone. Don’t be shy, let me know. Cheers.

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