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E-Newsletter Excellence

Like other components of your online marketing business plan, your e-newsletter is another opportunity to display your product line and your value. The preferred line of b2b communication is e-mail so sharpen your writing and editing skills and get your message out via e-zine or e-newsletter.

An e-newsletter is an electronically transmitted publication that is delivered on a regular schedule to a group of subscribers. Consultants should not randomly distribute their e-newsletter. Consultants always look for ways to make direct contact. A request to send a regularly scheduled e-newsletter is another opportunity to open a direct line of communication.

In your request for permission to add a prospect or existing client to your subscriber list, state the purpose of your newsletter, the distribution date, encourage feedback and include a direct response link. Every e-mail you receive from a client or prospect is a marketing step forward. These are all good things. If a client declines, extend the invitation again in two months and include a sample newsletter with your request.

Make your consulting firm stand out! you must commit to excellence. If you must outsource for excellent writing, then spend the money. The overall cost of this marketing opportunity will still be low and the bang for the buck is high. Understand that 40% of e-newsletters do not get opened. However, that means that 60% do get read. That is a much higher return than direct mail and the cost is minimal. If the mailing list is managed properly, the distribution can be accomplished in no time with little effort.

The Point Of It All

The e-newsletter is for the client, not for the consultant. Lower the bravado and raise the interest level. Show your consultancy’s awareness by reporting and taking a position on current business events that might affect your clientele.

While the consultant’s accomplishments should be briefly mentioned, these achievements should be secondary to items that might directly impact the prospects. Recent legislation, tax changes, market trends and anything else that shows your consultancy’s connection to the industry will increase your value.

All written material from your consulting business must be flawless, reflect your professionalism and overseen by the marketing director. A good e-newsletter will take time to compose. If you cannot commit to excellence, don’t bother to send it out. Set aside a specific time each month to compile your material and let other consultants suggest relevant topics and ideas. Successful newsletters draw from the intellectual assets of the consulting firm. Assemble the brainpower, engage the readers and deliver the message every month, on time.


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