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Easiest Way to Get More Consulting Clients

The easiest way to get more consulting clients is to help your clients get more clients. Damn, that’s a real mouthful!

Put simply, help your clients to make more money and they will keep you as their trusted advisor for as long as you do so.

Plus, they’ll be far more likely to recommend you to other business owners that they know.

Consider Not Taking On All Work
There are many things you can do for a client. Often times your work for them starts off focused on one key goal, like increasing sales … however, as time goes on you end up working on a bunch of additional projects that aren’t really focused on that main target of increasing sales.

There’s nothing wrong with helping your clients on different aspects of their business. Surely, you don’t want to turn down more work (AND money) when your client wants more help from you. But beware. That can sometimes be a mistake.

Your Head On The Chopping Block
As soon as your client realizes that the secondary work you’re doing isn’t helping them to actually grow their business, when the time comes to chop away at expenses and make changes to their business, your head will be one of the first on the block.

To avoid this, be sure that all work you’re doing for your client is focused on or connected to the major goal you and your client set.

Anything secondary should be kept to a minimum.

While some work may be tempting to take, if it’s not moving your clients major cause forward, think twice before saying yes.

Take a stand, let your client know it may not be in their best interest.

And if they still want to go ahead with it, ensure they know you’ve suggested against it and that the plan is to return back to the major project work as quickly as possible.

That way you’re not viewed as an expense to the business, but rather an asset and a strategic advisor.


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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5 thoughts on “Easiest Way to Get More Consulting Clients

  1. Markus says:

    Very true but it's hard to turn down work 😉

    • Markus, yes, it can definitely be hard to turn down work. And you don’t always have to. Just make sure the work you’re taking on aligns with the expectations that your clients have of you and that all the work gets you closer to the goals you’ve set together.

  2. I am THE WORST about bebeing too helpful. I tend to think I can do it all, all of the time and tend to take on WAY more for clients than I should. I am learning slowly, but surely to say no and to stay focused on the main task, allowing for more success in the end. Great piece.

    • Vidapr – glad you enjoyed the post and sounds like you're definitely on the right track with that one. Keep it up!

  3. I have recently taken on three new clients at Pacific-Consultancy and it has been interesting reviewing working practices over three businesses. Any additional work I normally contract out to an associate, which keep things simple.

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