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Email From A Professional? You Tell Me

By Michael Zipursky

We receive emails from companies and consultants that want to be listed in our site. Some offering advertising, others the promise of magically appearing on page one of Google, and others just want us to list or profile them.

Yesterday we got an email that read:

XYZ & Associates would like to be added to your list of businesses. Thank you.

That’s it. No hello or how are you? No reason why we should consider adding them to our list. They didn’t even bother to take the time to call us by name. How hard is that?

What did I do with that email?

What I do with all such messes, I clicked delete and off it went to the trash.

I’m not poking fun at the person that sent this email. I just think it’s ridiculous that someone thinks they’ll get what they want when they don’t bother to show any effort. It doesn’t even seem like they care … so then why should I?

If you want to make yourself stand out from the crowd, learn to act and communicate professionally.

Just because email, Blackberry, IPhone, Twitter and other such technologies allow us to act quickly, the quality of those actions (or communications) shouldn’t suffer. When you maintain professional communications and use these new technologies it’s powerful. Especially because most are doing it.

Do you see an opportunity here? I sure do. And I’ve been taking advantage of it for years.

2 thoughts on “Email From A Professional? You Tell Me

  1. The tragedy of the lack of common courtesy and common sense. As professionals and secondarily consultants, it is incumbent upon us to set the best examples of both. The point that you drive home with this blog entry is what I have seen over the many years as an executive and in my consulting practice; that being individuals calling themselves consultants and not having the moral integrity to exercise the fundamentals that they think they can influence others with.

    Michael, what you are saying is critical. Just because technology can allow for quick snippets does not mean that one has to act like a teenager kicking it around with there friends. To keep the integrity of the profession should be in all of our interest and using technology well as good communication tool is of great value to ones honor.

    • Thanks Tom! It’s good to know there are more of us around that feel the same way.

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