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Entrepreneur Coaching

Invitation to the Clarity Coaching Program “Entrepreneur” Level

The Clarity Entrepreneur Program Includes:

Prerequisite: Successful completion of 8 week Clarity Coaching Program, minimum revenues of 120k/year to 1 Million+

Regular Monthly 1-on-1 calls with Michael Zipursky to work on:

  • Business building strategies for the entrepreneurial consultant
  • Scaling, productizing and systematizing your consulting business
  • Increasing your fees and building your authority status
  • Automating your lead generation strategies
  • And much more

Bi-annual live events in amazing international locations (Valued at $5000+ per event)

  • Complimentary ticket to our twice a year live “mastermind” events designed only for consultants in the Entrepreneur coaching level. These are 2 day events that include workshops, hot seats, business building activities and much more that are focused on taking your consulting business and life to the next level with a group of other high performance consultants.

Connected and surrounded by a motivated group of other high performing and successful B2B consultants.

Monthly Mastermind Video Call with Michael where he dives into advanced consulting growth strategies and principles for marketing, scaling, systems, team building and more - only for Entrepreneur level members.

Annual Strategic Planning Session along with Quarterly Review Sessions to set and ensure you reach your goals.

Brainstorming and mindset calls with Sam Zipursky where you work on:

  • Brainstorming your business & strategic goal setting
  • Mindset coaching and productivity

Never feel alone. Dial in for the Weekly Q&A consulting calls with Michael and the community of other consultants.

Access to the latest best practices, strategies and training videos and resources - continuously updated

Get 24/7 access to the private consulting Forum, post your questions and get answers from Michael and other successful consultants - even those in our highest level program

You’re guaranteed to at minimum double your return on investment over a one year period in the program, as long as you follow the recommendations you receive and take action over the year - If you don’t we’ll keep working with you on our own dime until you do.

Don’t Just Take our Word for it, Listen to what these Consultants are Saying about Entrepreneur

Kristen Gallagehr
Founder and lead consultant
Elliot Begoun
Founder & CEO
TIG Brands
JT Badiani
Focused Improvement Group
Dauwn Parker
Founder and lead consultant
Precision Partners

Program Investment:

Keep the momentum going and join the Entrepreneur program to take your business and success to the next level. Special investment of only $1950 per month (Regular $2750). Or save even more with a 6 month membership where you'll get 5% extra off. 30 days notice is required in the event of any change.

2 Common Questions Clients Ask:

Q: I have a solid foundation and lots on my plate for now, shouldn’t I just do that first and join the program back later?

A: The most successful consultants know, that the greatest results and benefit come from coaching long-term. Getting your initial foundation in place during the 8 weeks is important. Our coaching clients that are really crushing business, generating lots of revenue and scaling up have been with us 1, 2, 3, and even 4 years. They always have lots on their plate and are busy, but they continue to invest in coaching month after month so they can get the guidance, coaching and high level strategy from Michael, support of the community, and ability to get any questions around pricing, marketing, authority building and have their proposals reviewed. Optimization provides you with peace of mind so you’re not alone in building your business.

Q: I'm not generating much revenue yet, shouldn’t I wait until I have more clients and revenue to continue?

A: Having personal coaching, support and guidance ensures you’ll get there faster than trying to figure it out yourself. We’ll be working with you to support you in getting more clients and growing your revenue as that is the number 1 priority. Because you’ll land clients faster and win bigger projects your investment will provide you with a positive ROI. It’s not short term cost, it’s an investment in your potential and future success.

Entrepreneur Live Mastermind Event Feedback

We spend all of our time helping others work and improve their business. It is vital to make the same time for you and your business. Having a room filled with top performing consultants working collaboratively to improve their business is amazingly powerful. Add in high quality content, learning and facilitators you have the ingredients to make significant improvements to your business.”

The event helps in many ways:
a. helps a consultant get clarity on the larger issues facing your business.
b. helps you meet other very like minded people
c. provides an opportunity to “reset” your thinking - take that break away from the daily grind and recenter yourself
d. get great advice and knowledge from Michael and Sam to being even more successful”

We enjoy the Entrepreneur events because it forces us to check in and focus us on the direction of our business. We get a chance to reflect on what has transpired with our clients, projects, and employees, since the previous event and where we should look for growth. We also enjoy the camaraderie of sharing these events with other like minded consultants. It's motivating to see the strides these individuals are making in their consulting practices across varying industries.”

It was a fantastic opportunity to step outside your own business and take a more strategic view of it. The real benefit is getting the input from a group of experienced and successful practitioners, who are all excelling in their own fields. Now that I feel really part of that group, they are an amazing resource to me going forward. Also, knowing that it is part of my plan to sit down with this group in another 6 months or so, really creates that pressure to do as promised. We now have a version of a mastermind that is of value.”

I would recommend it highly - the event gives you the chance to step back from your business and work out what you should be doing differently to be more effective, as well as the opportunity to build a network of like-minded peers.”

This was my third Entrepreneur event and really the best so far. Not only were the ideas and plans shared by Michael spot-on for where I was at, but having access to a room full of the minds of some truly great consultants from all over the world was immensely valuable. I find that in my own "small pond", it's very hard to gain access to consultants who really know what they are doing and can provide good advice - most local consultants lack the expertise or experience I need to tap into, or don't understand enough about my niche. In this way, traveling to the Entrepreneur events is like a time machine - instead of spending a year trying to refine my message and understand where I need to be headed, I solved it in two days of intensive discussions - that's 363 days I've 'traveled into the future'.”

I would say if you are serious about growing your consulting business then it is a crucial to attend. To take 2 full days to focus on the health of my business, what's working well, what I can improve just does not happen amidst the daily grind of running the business. I find it a benefit to go through the process of developing growth plans while surrounded by others who are going through the same challenges and offer ideas, insights, and encouragement.”

Thanks again for the Event this week. It was awesome and incredibly valuable. I’m really excited because it brings together what I believe is an un-met market need, my passion, and the type of business that I want to build. I’ve been trying to sort this out for nearly eight years”